Saturday, August 30, 2014

I have a new "Assistant"...

Today was another day on the renovation project at the kid's house. They have packed up and gone off camping for the long week down on Lake Erie. Weather was good today for that, as it was quite hot here with a lot of sun.

This was my que to get working on building the new wall needed for the new mud room at the house. Check out my new Assistant Contractor I had with me today...

Judy was out the door early with me, as I needed help putting up the new wall. I did the framing with the wall on the floor, and it was an easy process to lift it up into place...

You can see the full size of the wall above, as I anchor it to the wall and ceiling... It is going to divide out a nice mud room from the back room, with easy access to that side door of the house you can see on the right.

Once we had the framing completed, we started lifting the drywall sheets into place, and screwing them to the new frame.

My portable power drill came in handy as it seemed I put in hundreds of screws... it wasn't. After all, I am the guy who has to plug them all with drywall mud and sand them out.

As you can see, my new assistant is also good with an iPhone camera, carefully documenting the process. Got it all finished today by around 2:30 and headed for home. Might be able to start on framing the new utility closet that will go in the mud room tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Looking good and an awesome helper as well.
    2:30 is a good time to stop work for the day, union rules you know !

  2. What I want to know is why do we spend so much of our time working on the kid's house. Thank goodness most of everything is repaired here and we can get out of their driveway on Tuesday. I make a pretty lousy assistant - but I can take good pictures. Your assistant does a much better job than I do.

  3. I hope you were paying your new helper more than minimum wage! That wall looks pretty straight so she must have done a great job in helping!

  4. Every worker needs a good forewoman and it appears you had one today. Nice work with the wall and the gyproc. Ah yes.....the mudding and taping will be fun too!