Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Workers day off... must be close to Labour Day!

Today I did not go into work on the renovation project... I had a Dr.'s appointment at the London Health Science Centre. This is a monster Hospital, so had to make sure I was early to even find where this Dr.'s Office was... I did find it, and only had to wait an hour for him!

It was such a nice day, I rode over to London on my Honda. I got 1/2 way over to Thamesford, and ran into a 10 minute delay on the road...

This guy is pulling one blade off of a new windmill to be installed in the area... he was having problems getting around the corner, so we had to wait for him... he made it.
There are now over 2,000 of these beasts spinning in Ontario making electricity... We will soon catch up and pass Palm Springs maybe as the Windmill Capital of the World!
Made it back home to go walking this afternoon with Judy! 5 miles!
Till tomorrow...



  1. A doctor's appointment seems like a legitimate reason to book off from work. To ride the motorcycle to rhe appointment is an even better reason though!

  2. Nice day for a ride on the Bike, I have to go to that same hospital next Tuesday.
    Those wind turbines are all over these areas. Such a huge production too.