Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day tripping to St. Jacobs...

Nothing wrong with 26 degrees, very sunny, no wind, clear skies! Time to get the motorcycles out, that's what that is!

The Town of St. Jacobs lies about an hour and fifteen minute drive to the north of us, and is a quaint little Town. We were here a few years ago with Melanie, who is from France and lived with us for a few months during a Rotary Club Exchange. (Hi Melanie...) This is one of those Towns where it is very easy to waste away the whole day just strolling around looking at everything.

This was quite the shop above... a little bit of everything in here...this is also Menonite Country. Lots of Horse and Buggys travelling the roads.

This lady is running a machine that sews corn brooms together...the Company started in 1906 and still puts them out. You could buy them right there, and they looked very well made.

Many people here today, including many bus trips that drop off the passengers for the day. Many visitors here today from China/Asia.

This is a pic of the old Mill above, now converted to shops. There is a Museum in the basement that I have blogged about before... the Hollinger Hardware Store! Our namesake store was taken over by Home Hardware. Home Hardware has it's Main Head Office here in St. Jacobs.

It is a blast from the past walking through the Museum.

Up on the 4th floor of the Mill building, they have a miniture train set up for people to check out...

We stopped on the Main Street, and enjoyed lunch today at Jacobs Grill! What a great spot. We sat outside, and I enjoyed one of the best Cheeseburgers that I can remember in a long time!

We took all the back roads with the motorcycles, and all I can smell tonight if fresh cut hay. All the farmers have been busy bringing in this second cut.

Till tomorrow...


  1. We bought a corn broom there last year and it is still doing a wonderful job of sweeping our outdoor mats.

  2. It has been years since we went to the Village, we enjoy the Farmer's market in St. Jacobs.

    You could have stopped by Camp Awesome on you way home, love the country drives around here, such wonderful scenery.

  3. I know the town fairly well having co-owned a Home Hardware Building Centre in Alberta that was managed by a business partner.