Thursday, August 21, 2014

OK, let's hit the pool...

Started off foggy this morning, but sure turned out great this afternoon! Nice to get some great weather in before September takes over!

Another morning spent on moving furniture and stuff out of the back room at the Kid's house to get ready for the deconstruction part of the project... might get a start at that tomorrow... we will see.

With such great weather we had the kids out for dinner tonight, with the Weber working overtime... George would have been proud of us tonight!

Before dinner though....

OK, so everybody look at Mommy above...

We gave Gwenny the choice of swimming in the big Park pool, or splashing around in the kiddy pool... tonight she chose the small one, and they had a ball for about an hour and a half! They pretty well splashed out all of the water I poured in... saved me from having to do it! Of course you have to swim with pool noodles!

Back to work tomorrow morning on the project!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Nothing quite like whipping up a good family dinner on you Weber in the wonderful weather.

  2. I may be investing in one of those little swimming pools for next summer - looks like fun.