Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meeting a Blogger right next door!

It is sure funny how the Blogging Community works... over the 5 years that Judy and I have been living in the RV and doing the nightly Blog, we have met many different Bloggers. Some we meet at Resorts where we stay, or areas that we visit. Once we were at an RV Show in Tampa, and a Blog Reader started calling my name when she saw me walk off an RV I was inspecting!

Well today, we got to meet fellow RV'ers and Bloggers right next door. George and Suzie are well known in the Blogging World, as George writes daily on "Our Awesome Travels". They actually stay very close to where Judy and I spend our summers, only about a 15 minute drive. We just have never got around to meeting up with each other the past couple years, but that changed today. After receiving an email from them, Judy and I made our way up to where they are staying for a visit.

They move around southern Ontario much more that we do, so we were kind of lucky to catch them just up the road from us. Hey, they live in a house with wheels on it!

They are a great couple, and we spent a couple hours talking about all those common RV topics. Could have easily spent much more time with them, but did not want to get between George and his Weber BBQ. As most readers may know, George is famous for posting pictures of his culinary skills on his Blog each night. No, I did not ask what he was cooking up tonight!

Was great to finally meet up with them. They will soon be getting ready to take off out West this winter...

This morning was spent at the Kid's house again, working on the back room. Lots of sanding and mudding going on as I repair the walls, but did get the first coat of primer on the walls. There is progress, and a light at the end of the tunnel...

Sorry George, no pics of my dinner tonight!

Till tomorrow...



  1. It was a great visit so glad to finally meet you, so near yet so far away. Like you said we could have spent much more time chatting.
    Now we will have to get together again, sooner than later if we can work it into our bust schedules.
    John you don't do pictures of dinner, thats something I do.

  2. We missed meeting George and Suzie by one day near New Orleans.

    Teresa and I still talk about how we bumped into you guys in Palm Springs at the COD.

    We both purchased the exact same hat, and started talking. Suddenly the lights went on, and I knew I was talking with John and Judy ... lol.

    Great times indeed ... take care...TnT

  3. Awesome! I love seeing their meals everyday!

  4. Hi John & Judy so nice that you remember our encounter at the Tampa RV show...we still read your blog everyday and really enjoy it. Have never met George & Suzie but faithfully read them everyday.

  5. It's pretty tough to hide when you write a daily blog!!