Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yet, another road trip!

Yesterday, Judy and I made the trip over to Seagrave, Ont. to visit with her Brother, Howard and his Wife, Teri. Last we saw of them was way down south in Florida last winter. We had to deliver some purchases that they made down in Florida, but had no room to bring them back home with them... one of the items was a flagpole!

We enjoyed refreshments out on the deck yesterday afternoon... Howard was kind of laid back...

Now later in the evening after a terrific roast beef dinner... Howard broke out the crokinole game...Howard, Judy and I played a round robbin type tournament while Terri relaxed. Somebody won all the games, and went undefeated... I won't say who, but it wasn't Judy, or Howard....

This morning, not being exactly the warmest day of summer, Howard broke out one of his newest toys... a 1915 Model T Ford. What a machine...

With a bit of a threat of rain, Howard decided to put the top up... it never did rain!

Howard is in the process of restoring this beauthy... lots of brass to polish on these... Henry Ford made over 1,000,000 of these vehicles... the first one to build them on an assembly line. It has a 4 cylinder motor with all of 20 Horse Power!

Howard and Teri take this car on tours all over the Province, and down into the U.S. Great hobby!

Judy's oldest Brother, Bob, and Wife Kate came down to visit for lunch this afternoon. We had a great time catching up with them. Great to see them again.

Back in Woodstock tonight, getting ready for a bunch of Friends to come in for the weekend. Never a dull moment!

Thanks again to Howard and Teri for all the great hospitality we enjoyed the last couple of days.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Love Howard's new toy, a great hobby and fun times touring about.

  2. Love Howard's new toy, a great hobby and fun times touring about.

  3. You and Judy leave me exhausted from all your travelling around and partying!

    Nice old car - 20hp? Wow - some lawn mowers have that today.