Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lazy hazy days of summer...

You would pay extra money if you were planning a Family Holiday right out now in Ontario, if you were guaranteed great weather. Today we have it, and it is here to stay for a while by the looks of it!

Now check out this flick I found on Instant Messanger today of Charlie... he is up somewhere in the Bruce Penninsula enjoying time at a Cottage with all of Chris' side of the Family... I love the thoughts running through his head... Maple Leafs! He is obviously getting ready for the new NHL Season, not too far off into the future! I bet Gwenny is having a ball up there as well!

Judy caught me up top of the rig this morning... I was busy putting a coat of Mother's Paste Wax up on the Cab Over portion of the rig... I was just sitting there waiting for the wax to dry a bit before buffing it off. Spent all morning waxing on....waxing off! Gotta keep the rig nice and clean!

Yes, those are our two house batteries sitting on the ground beside the RV. This afternoon, I took the hour and a half necessary to fully service these batteries. Last service was just before we left Florida in April. These batteries are not 1 year old yet, and are in terrific shape...which is good! They needed a bit of distilled water to top them off, but that was it! Good for 3 more months.

Check out the new dining tent that we picked up today at Canadian Tire. It is 14 X 14 and can easily hold a bunch of people for dinner or happy hour. Good thing, as next week a bunch of our Friends are coming into the Park to take it over! More on that later. Judy and I broke the new shelter in tonight, and enjoyed a bug free BBQ Chicken Dinner out side in terrific weather.

Till tomorrow...



  1. A bit of maintenance, a bit of relaxation in the new dinner tent, good weather and life is pretty darned good!

  2. We are really enjoying this weather too, resting a bit before more things begin to happen,
    Gotta get that maintenance done and keep on top of things.
    Nice dining tent too.