Monday, August 11, 2014

Paige's big day...

Paige sets sail on her biggest adventure!

All spiffed up in a great outfit, with her backpack firmly in place, Paige sets off in search of her formal education today, finding her spot in Preschool in Tennessee! Congratulations Paige, and I know you are going to knock their socks off! If you ever need help with your homework, give your Pop Pop a call... just look at how great your Dad turned out! (well, I was great until he brought home a math

Yesterday, was the end of the Sidewalk Sales in Woodstock, and they had a great celebration with all the Classic and Antique Cars on the Main Street. (Dundas Street)

Judy and I went down in the afternoon to check it all out... (well, I just had to drag her a bit...)

I loved the old Mustangs, I used to have a 66 Mustang, just about the same colour as the one above...

Talk about "low profile" ... this one above is a little crazy...

Ron, the Owner of our Park, brought out his Model A above...

This old VW was popular...

Nothing fancy on the inside of these old Vans... that's for sure.


Check out the Canary Yellow above...

I loved this old 66 Corvette above... the licence plate read, "HY OFICR"... try to explain that one to the cops!

I can remember going to the Orillia A&W Drive Inn... in my 66 Mustang and getting your hamburger delivered to the car on a window tray! No Teddy Bears though...

See that fancy sunroof on that VW above???

Back in the day there was no fancy power sunroof button, you had to turn the hand crank that you see in the picture above, right at the front of the sunroof.

Even the Rat Pack showed up...

The weather was just terrific, and as you can see above... the Main Street was packed!

We topped off a great day, by heading up to Waterloo Park, and taking in the last Band Concert of the year for our Friend, Deb's concert band that she plays the french horn in. Perfect night for the concert, which finished the night with my favourite piece, the Bohemian Rhapsody! They did a great job on it!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Love the old cars, looks like a great day for it.
    Years ago used to go to many concerts at that band shell in Waterloo Park, always was a labour Day one too with a couple of good bands playing, mind you that was over 30 years ago.

  2. Congrats to Paige on starting Kindergarten - she sure looks ready to show everyone a thing or two.

    You had a 66 Mustang? I had a 66 Volkswagen!! Not fair!

  3. Good luck Paige! Your school year should be fun!

    I always enjoy vintage cars and trucks. My very first car was a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. Still miss it!