Sunday, August 17, 2014

Now that was a weekend!

Whew... finally found my Blog again, after a few days of neglect! We spent this weekend in the Woodstock area, with lots of visitors, and took in a great annual festival, Woodstock's own Cowapalooza!

This is a celebration of the COW! Woodstock is known as the Dairy Capitol of the World, with lots of milking operations around here. What a great excuse for a Festival!

Judy had no problem finding a cow... and giving her "cow" impersonation.

Dow cows really wear hats Judy???

Deb and Gerard came over with their trailer, and a couple Grans in tow for the weekend... we all had a blast. On Saturday Tom and Cheryl came to visit as well, so we had lots of people to milk cows around!

Saturday morning, we took in the annual Soap Box Derby that runs down the hill on Finkle Street. This is always fun to watch as the kids run these homemade machines up to around 43 Klms. OK, so see for yourself...I took a couple real short videos to show you how these kids run... lots of fun.

After the soapboxes, we went to the park and took in the Strongman and Strongwomen Competition. This is always fun to watch, and it is amazing how much weight these athletes can throw around. A good crowd took in these events...

Check out this video I took below, of this guy who actually presses 303 lbs. above his head. I got a sore back just holding up my iPhone to take the pictures...

Below is another competition, the tire flip. This is the spare tire from a 2014 Honda Civic. It weights 750 lbs. believe it or not, and somehow fits in the trunk. This is why you call CAA.

For $2.00 you can buy a yellow duck and enter the duck race to win $1,000.00! This is the end of the rece you see below. No, Judy and I did not win, our ducks were probably last...


Below, the video shows how to get all those ducks down to the creek.

The weather was a bit cool over the weekend, but we managed OK. We had time for a couple Happy Hours of course... Gwenny and Charlie came to visit and brought Mom and Dad with them...

And for the main events, we took in two concerts. On Friday Night, we watched the Group, "Night Fever..." which of course is a tribute band to the Bee Gees! What a great event that was, the music was terrific.

On Saturday night, we saw "The McCartney Years" which of of course is a tribute band to Paul McCartney. Again, this was a great show, and probably the highlight of the weekend. I love listening to live music, especially when you know all the songs!

The nice thing about Cowapolooza is that it is all FREE! Love those magic words. The Town, and a bunch of Coporate Sponsors put on the whole show, and it is enjoyed by many!

Back to normal tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Boy, those videos of the kids racing were fun! Did you drink a toast to Springbank Snow Countess?

  2. Coawabunga! That was some weekend you guys enjoyed.

  3. Too much fun there with all that free stuff, gotta love it.

  4. Woodstock? Are those old hippies still hanging around? It's been almost 50 years now!

    I'm still trying to figure out how I'd ever get that tire in our Civic?