Sunday, August 24, 2014

Scotiabank Buskerfest in Toronto...

This morning Judy and I headed downtown Toronto, (ya, there was a bit of traffic...) to take in the annual Scotiabank Buskerfest that is held on Yonge Street.


They use this event as a fundraiser for Epilepsy Toronto. I tell you, the place was packed!

There was lots of great shows to watch, for the cost of a donation to Epilepsy! Great way to spend the afternoon.

This is held right in the Downtown core of Toronto, surrounding the Yonge and Dundas Square, right where the Eaton's Centre is located. It turned out to be a perfect afternoon, but it was hot!

These two guys above did a great robot type routine...

Yes, this guy above actually climbed through 2 tennis rackets! It was such a tight fit, he dislocated his shoulder to do it!

There was all kinds of different acts...

Heck, even Spock was there! People lined up to talk to him!

This guy above brought his pet snake...yuk!

We really enjoyed the afternoon, and I took a few videos of some of the acts if you want to check them out, none of them are very long at all.





Sure was a great way to put in the afternoon, and we ended it all with a nice dinner at East Side Mario's in Woodstock when we got home at 6:00.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Sounds like and awesome afternoon in the big city, looks like you had a great time.
    My son only lives a few blocked west of there, probably was in the area too.

  2. Who knew Toronto knew how to party?

  3. Looked like a fun day out....and for a good cause too. Lots of action and performances!