Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick takeoff tonight...

Every August long weekend we have a standing invite to head up to Deb and Gerard's Sauble Beach Cottage!

This year being no exception, Judy and I decided to surprise them, and we headed up one day early! There will be a total of 8 of us this weekend and we are looking forward to it!

Our Hosts were out golfing when we got here tonight, so Judy and I headed down to the water...what a great night for a walk along the beach!

Sauble Beach is certainly one of the nicest Beaches on the western shore of Lake Huron. Lots of sand.

We walked a couple of miles, and then headed back to the cottage.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Love the long sandy beaches at Sauble, have too much fun and enjoy your weekend.
    But I think they are on the east shore on the lake, Ontario's west coast.

  2. Have a great weekend - looks like a terrific spot and great beach!