Friday, October 3, 2014

...and back to Woodstock.

It was nice and mild again this morning up in Sauble Beach, as been for the past few days. We enjoyed breakfast with Deb and Gerard and then we all headed to the Beach for a walk...

Ya, even Tibby joined us down on the beach this morning, here he is above in full race mode... Don't worry, he dosn't break any land speed records, but he sure had a blast running all over the beach. There was one brave woman actually out swimming in Lake Huron this morning. Not a chance I would be doing that!

One thing about being up here this time of the year, is a lack of tourists and residents. The beach was empty this morning, and you can drive around Sauble Beach without hitting any traffic.

However the rain hit this morning, around 11:00 when Judy and I were on our way back home. It rained pretty well most of the way back. The next few days do not look real good either.

Deb and Gerard stayed up for another day or so, as they continue to prepare the cottage for another long cold winter!

Till tomorrow...