Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yesterday, I was busted!

Sometimes you wonder how small the world really is... I forgot to mention in yesterdays Blog, that while Judy and I were at Action Trailers over in Strathroy, we were busted! We were finishing up the paper work and getting ready to leave the Office, when a Gentleman walks in and says, "Hey, I read your Blog, RVlifeonwheels is it not?" Hard to believe... His name is Andy, and he went on to say he had been reading for some time now, out of an interest in RVing. He still works and does some RVing in spare time, and wants to do more! It was nice meeting you Andy, and happy RVing down the road to you!


At 11:00 this morning, Judy and I were off to Woodstock, to do some Community Service... The Church we attend has taken a week of making the local Meals on Wheels deliveries for the VON. We had to make 6 deliveries today, which took us about 1 hour to do. Maybe I can get a job delivering pizzas????

Judy and I were next off to the Dentist Office. Our final check ups prior to our pending departure for the south this winter. Check ups were all good.

Did a little work on getting my Brake Controller set up again in the Motorhome. Might be able to complete tomorrow if the weather stays as good as it has been!

Till tomorrow...


  1. It is amazing how you can run into people, that you never knew are reading your blog.
    Soon you will be all set up and ready to hit the road.

  2. It's tough being famous!

    Congrats on volunteering for community service by delivering meals to the elderly - I know it's much appreciated.