Thursday, October 16, 2014

Work continues...

Today was another full work day for both Shawn and I... thankfully the weather was fully overcast, and we even had a little bit of rain here and there to keep us cool. We ended up putting in a very full day of work, and we are both starting to feel the "burn" sort to speak!

We ended up with good production again today, on a seeming less endless job.

Now you have to bear with me, as I took these pictures about 7:00 this evening... as it was getting dark out, but that is the way it goes... Above is the mountain of loose branches that we have compiled from two days of limbing the trees that have fallen. Tomorrow Shawn has arranged for us to pick up a wood chipper, that comes on a trailer, and we are going to attack this monster pile of branches.

Above will give you an idea of what the chipper will look like that we have arranged. Shawn plans on using all the wood chips around the property.

Above is a 45 foot tree that we cut into 8 foot lenghts today, incase we can arrange to send it to a wood mill. Still working on that.

You can see above how we have removed now, all the branches and brush, and pretty well have only the big tree trunks left. Our plan now is to rent a 25 inch chain saw, and see what kind of damage we can do with it, probably not until Saturday at this point. We figure tomorrow will be all wood chipping.

After work today, again we soaked in the hot tub for 1/2 an hour... felt pretty good!

P.S. I am being a good boy Judy, no time to go out and get into any kind of trouble!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sounds like you are keeping pretty busy there, and making good progress.
    But Saturday Night is coming and you need to get out and have fun. Isn't that what the working man does???

  2. Be careful with the woodchipper today - you need to have arms to blog and Dr. Shawn needs his to doctor!!!