Saturday, October 11, 2014

Just getting ready for Florida!

Another great day weather wise today, with lots of sun, and warm temperatures most of the day! This morning I was off into Town to help Chris with a dump run. We had their small utility trailer stacked up about as high as it could go with all the waste from the renovation project. After securing the load, we made the 20 minute drive to the dump station and presto, it is all gone!

This afternoon Judy and I worked on getting stuff ready for Florida. I wanted to sort through some things in the motorcycle trailer, and do some work on our shed.


We moved the patio mat from our site over to a vacant one across the way, and Judy laid a number on it with the hose, a bucket, soap, and a bunch of elbow grease. With the sun out today, we managed to get it to dry off just perfect, so it is all tucked away now, and ready for Florida.

Yikes, how did all that stuff above ever come out of that shed? Whew... we did a bunch of sorting, and re-arranging, and before you know it, we had it all set and ready to go. There is a bunch of stuff we take, and a bunch we leave behind, and it all works out in the end. We worked on this most of the afternoon, and made it inside just in time to watch Pittsburg beat my Leafs tonight on Hockey Night in Canada... ouch!

Heading out tomorrow morning to enjoy Thanksgiving with all the Family!

Till tomorrow...