Saturday, October 4, 2014

Celebration time!

Well, so much for our summer weather here, as things really turned cold in a hurry. It has been a bit wet lately, and typical fall weather I guess. We will carry on, with the knowledge that Florida is not too far away!

Chris and Kristina invited us into the house this afternoon, as they wanted to celebrate the end of the renovation project! It ended up taking 4 weeks to complete the job, although at first I thought it was going to take longer. Kristina of course, had one thought in mind! Lets make Mac and Cheese for Dad! Well, let me tell you, that works for me, and you only have to mention it once in order to get me to come for dinner!

Once we got there, Chris was working hard on the new stereo stand he is buiding in the new room. I arrived just in time to help him lift the top shelve unit up in place. You can see him screwing the unit to the wall, as you sure do not want it falling down. He still has a bit of work left to finish this unit off, but he is sure getting there.

I was trying to get Gwenny to look up and smile for me during dinner, but she was way too into eating for such foolishness as a picture during dinner! Don't blame her when it come to Mac and Cheese!

Anyways, sure was a great night that we enjoyed, and it is nice to have the renovation finished off in plenty of time to start thinking about our winter travels.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Nice to see the reno finished.
    Sounds like you're starting to count the days like the rest of us.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Great to be finished that project and the Mac and Cheese sounds like a wonderful idea.
    Keep warm there until you head south.

  3. I knew you'd get rewarded for all of your hard work! Kristina has your number.

    It's funny how kids won't smile when you want them to, isn't it?

  4. The cold weather is leading you to set your sights back south.

    That was a nice reward for the reno work! Mac & cheese seems to do the trick. Nice!!!