Friday, October 17, 2014

Just a "Chipper" day here in Tennessee.

Nothing but full sun and 25 deg. C.! I will take it! What a day it was... great to be able to work outside all day. Thankfully we had lots of shade to do our work in, so we did not boil over...

Shawn had arranged to rent a 6 inch power woodchipper today, to take care of all the limbs that we had cut up the past couple days, and there was lots of it!

He rented the machine from a local Rental is an awesome machine, with a 25 hp. motor to power the hydraulics that run the beast.

It turns your branches into a nice wood mulch, that Shawn plans on using around the kid's playhouse area, and other selected spots on the property.

Now, you do want to mind that you keep both your arms, and legs and any other body part away from the feeding shoot, as it just does not stop! I shot a couple videos below that will show you the long and short on how this thing works.

This is a loud machine, and hearing protection is a mandatory piece of equipment to wear along with a good set of work gloves and safety glasses. My arms tonight look like a wild cat got loose with a big set of claws! Ouch! Where is a Dr. when you need one!

Oh...if you look right up top, there is the Dr. blowing a bunch of leaves out of the gutters. Lots of leaves falling around here with all these trees.

We started chipping at 8:30 this morning, and finished up by 3:30 we finshed up all the chipping! Perfect! We took the machine back, and picked up a 25 inch Chainsaw! We have some major logs to cut up that are lying right where the pool is going to be. They want to start next week on the install.

Check out the log you see Shawn sitting on above. We cut out that 4 foot big section that rolled forward on us! This is a monster log, and is over 55 feet long! We will cut it all up tomorrow, and a few others. We are also going to rent a big log splitter and start into log splitting tomorrow!

After we cut the log, I counted 65 rings on the diameter of this log! Older than me! (Older than dirt, right Tom!)

Anyways, that is about it for progress today. Tomorrow morning we get to go and watch Paige play some soccer before our work for the day begins.

Till tomorrow...



  1. That was a full work day for sure. Those are sure some big trees you are cutting up with that chain saw.

    Be careful and stay safe with that equipment.

  2. A good run down on your brushing activities. Once built, that pool will be more than appreciated.