Saturday, October 18, 2014

Does he speak English???

A kind of a funny storey for you all tonight... Jenn had invited two twin sisters, and their 4 year old brother to come over tonight for a sleep over with Emmie and Paige. Of course these kids are all born in Tennessee, and of course the accent of someone from Tennessee is quite different than someone from Canada.

All the kids really enjoyed dinner tonight...lots of chicken! Before dinner, Shawn and I were in the kitchen enjoying a liquid refreshment before dinner time, after we just finished slugging it out on the wood lot for over 5 hours! I had a conversation with young four year old Grant and thought we were doing well. We all enjoyed supper, and then Shawn and I moved downstairs to the great room to take in the Toronto hockey game. Shawn was trying to explain the game of hockey to young Grant, and I threw in a couple of points that make the game of hockey. Young Grant, looks over at Shawn and says, "does he speak english???" Shawn and I both just about rolled on the floor laughing... Out of the mouths of babes! Guess my Canadian accent was a bit too much for him, but I thought we were actually talking to each other a bit before, although I questioned what language he was speaking!

Today was a great day weather wise again... a bit of overcast but quite a bit of sun, and nice warm temperatures. This morning was a bonus, as Paige and Emmie had a soccer game to play, so I tagged along with them to watch. Shawn and Jenn are the coaches for the team. I could not take a picture of the game, as I don't have my iPhone here, and forgot my camera and iPad... oh well, it was fun to watch, and both the kids scored a goal!

This afternoon, Shawn and I were back at the job a hand. We still have a lot of chain sawing to do, and also we have a rented log splitter to get rid of some of the bulk wood.

Shawn is starting up the Honda Motor on this log splitter. It is brand new, and runs like a "deer" sort to speak. Nice machine, and is very easy to operate... check out the video I made below to show you what this baby can do.

We ended up working from noon, till about 6 p.m. this evening, before breaking for dinner and a hockey game. Of course the Leafs are playing tonight.

Another full day of work scheduled tomorrow, and the weather looks like it is going to remain good for us. Hard to believe it is almost time to think about flying back home on Monday!

Till tomorrow...



  1. That log splitter is slick - sure beats the heck out of an axe!

    Great question from Grant! That was funny!

  2. Wow, that splitter is pretty impressive! Come home soon. I miss your hot body beside me!!

  3. John, I think you have an invitation to hurry home!

    I have rented a log splitter a few times many years ago when I heated my house with wood, sure do work pretty slick.

  4. A most easy way to split wood.

    I chuckled while reading the story about whether you spoke English or not.

  5. Nice splitter. Curious thing that the next bunch of videos that came up had to do with "doing the splits"!