Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Back to The True, North, Strong and Free!

Yesterday was a travel day for me, heading from Johnson City, through Atlanta, and then onto Toronto. Only about six hours of travel, with a nice lunch break in Atlanta, using Delta air services. Atlanta is their main hub in America and it is a pretty big, and very busy airport. There are a lot of different terminal buildings, but they have a great underground railway to move you quickly from one to another.

Shawn reports to me that the pool guys showed up yesterday morning, and were able to get a lot of the Bobcat work done, including removing the stumps from the big trees, and moving the large pieces of logs we had remaining on the ground.

Shawn also found a unique way of stacking his firewood. I think this is a European way of doing it... not sure but it looks neat.

It is kinda like a dome...

Above is the end result. It holds quite a bit of wood by the looks of it. Saves the old single line of stacked firewood tipping over on you maybe...

Today was a very wet, cold day here in the Woodstock area... this afternoon we took our Cruze into the Ray Cullen Chev Dealership in London as it was time for the first oil change, which was completed for free, as we have 4 years of free oil changes with the car. We had a small vibration noise coming from the engine area at low RPM, and they quickly identified an air conditioner coolant line that was pressed against the firewall causing the noise, which was quickly fixed.

After the car was ready, we motored out west of London, close to Strathroy. We wanted to check out a trailer sales Company that also sells car dollies. We are thinking of bringing our Cruze down to Florida with us, and it cannot be flat towed. We are going to bring our MH over tomorrow, and actually try the dolly out before making a decision. It is similiar to the one above, and includes a surge break so everything can stop when you want it to!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Shawn's wood pile looks good but it could become a home to some unwanted guests of different shapes and scents. Creating a pile in the shape of an "H" allows the center row to stop the outer walls from falling in and no guests.
    Have you considered a larger enclosed trailer to carry the car and motorcycles together. This will save on fuel and Judy can sit next to you in the motorhome.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Too bad you can't flat tow the cruise. Good ;luck with the dolly.

  3. We had friends that had a tow dolly for the car and could load a golf cart on the front of the dolly, would work for your motorcycles.

  4. It will be interesting to learn of your decision on the dolly. Are you planning to take one or both motorcycles too?