Friday, October 10, 2014

Brantford's Twin Valley Zoo...

Just another great Fall day here in southern Ontario...what a day to be outside!. Lots of sun and nice seasonal temperatures. We had an adventure day today with Kristina and the Kids, as we headed over to visit the Zoo in Brantford.

This is just a nice sized Family operation, something you can easily cover in a few hours with small kids in tow. Gwenny and Charlie had a blast!

Charlie is sure a funny little guy... he just loves anthing with 4 legs, is furry, and makes any kind of noise!

Here he is patting a hedgehog of all things... just a nice furry little thing this gal was showing at the small animal show...

He had no fear of this big black bear though...

It was simply a great day to be out walking around with the Grand Kids in tow... They both walked all around the Zoo - no buggies to be pushed today!

There are all kinds of animals at this zoo, including some potential new Reindeer that could potentially pull Santa's Sleigh in a few months maybe...

They could not get enough of this little Donkey...

Yes, she is holding a trantula in the photo above... it is 24 years old, and can live to over 30 years. Some of the kids got to hold it! Not me!

Charlie is petting a Boa in the photo above! Yikes! Good thing it was in a good mood today!

They also had a bunch of big cats hanging around, all enjoying the sun today.

Charlie was leading this little kid goat out to the Honda Van... wanted to take it home, but Mom said "NO!" Just think though Kristina, Chris would not have to cut the back lawn anymore!

Sure turned out to be a great day, with many more activities planned for this coming Thanksgiving Weekend. Shawn and Jenn, along with Emmie and Paige, have entered back into Canada and we will run into them on Sunday! Can't wait!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Now, that was a truly great day with daughter and the grand kids. Magic moments for all!!!!

  2. You are really enjoying this great fall weather while you can.

  3. What a great little zoo for the grandkids. Charlie seemed to love all the animals even the snake!

    C'mon Kristina - that little goat would be perfect for Charlie!!