Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Watch out for the "Blood Moon..."

Here is another new "term" that has entered the media mainstream lately it seems... who has ever heard of this term before??? Don't think I have...

All of this has to do with the moon passing through the Earth's shadow, causing an eclipse, and if you have 4 of these happen in the course of 6 new moons... well, you kinda get the drift. A lot has to happen in order for there to be a Blood Moon. So, what's with the blood colour??? Well, that part is easy. Light particals passing through our atmosphere give the moon the blood colour, which is the very same thing that happens when you are watching the sun go down in the evening, and you see all that red sky...( do they call that a blood sun?)

So, if you are interested, and live in the Eastern Time Zone, all you have to do is get up a 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, (Wednesday) and check out the moon in the sky. The Toronto weather people are telling me that the sky will be clear, so you should be able to see it.

Who knows... you might see more that what you bargained for! Think I will head out and take a look. Wake me up Judy, will you?

Maintenance day around the RV today. Judy was sorting through a bunch of stuff inside this morning, getting ready for our upcoming departure. We always want to keep the rig light anyways. I spent about an hour and a half defrosting our Dometic Fridge. As you know, they are not self defrosting units, and ours is always in use... so you have to defrost every now and then. Seems we have more room now!

I also did some maintenance on the back of the unit, taking one of the heat shields off the propane burner, and cleaning out this section of the unit. We do not use the propane side of the fridge much, so it was not too dirty, however I cleaned it up anyways. Our exhaust flue was clean, so this was also good news. Most of the time, in the past couple years of travel, we have been on electric sites, so don't burn propane.

I was also able to scratch the house batteries off the list this morning. I took them out of the holder, cleaned them up and topped up the distilled water in them. All is good. These batteries were just replaced last winter down in Florida, and are still in great shape.

Heck, I even washed up the car this morning, as it was not a bad morning, but a bunch of rain again this afternoon took care of that!

Till tomorrow...


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  1. Nice to get those final chores all sorted out, and soon ready to head south.