Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Hello Dolly"...

What a gorgeous fall day here in Ontario, well at least the south west section where we are... it was nothing but sun and nice warm temperatures.

Judy and I were busy this morning, as we were heading over to Strathroy for a visit to Action Trailers.

This is quite a large operation, that sells all kinds of different trailers, for any use really. They also happen to carry car dollies as well.

Above, an employee moves a dolly into place for us to try, using the tractor as a tool. We did not end up buying this one. We decided on the blue one you see below, made by a Company called Stehl Tow.

This is a pic Judy took of our new dolly just after we arrived back at our Park. We still have to do a couple things with it before we can tow the Cruze. I have to connect my brake controller back up on the Motor Home to activate the brakes. It has a nice set of LED lights on it that are working fine. This year, we plan only to bring our car south with us, and will leave our motorcycles at home. We will be in Florida for a while, but we plan on taking another trip out west to AZ and CA this winter as well, and decided we will travel light with just the car.

Hopefully we will get all the bugs out, and the manuals read before it is time to fly south in a couple of weeks!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Hope that dolly works out well for you.
    Looks like you are taking the long way to California just like we are, travel safe and enjoy the journey.
    The southwest is calling our names.....

  2. Nice dolly. And, we may see you ehen you head to California.

  3. Pretty spiffy looking Dolly. Hope to see you both in Palm Springs some time.