Monday, October 13, 2014

Great Thanksgiving!

I may be starting to look like a turkey, as I think I have eaten it now for at least 3 days in a row... but love it! It is a great time of the year, and I have American Thanksgiving to look forward to!

Got home way too late last night from Orillia to blog, but want to tell you about a great trip and day we had. It started with us making our way up to Barrie to meet Shawn and Jenn and the kids at Chappell Farms. This is a nice Family Fun Farm type of Operation which is popular here in Ontario now.

Ya, that is Judy in the pic above with Emmie and Paige. What a beautiful day of sunshine we had for this activity. Chris and Kristina and kids also made their way up in the afternoon to join us! There was a bunch of activities to keep all the kids occupied, with these tires being popular.


They all loved this tricycle ride as well...

We had fun on the tractor wagon ride, as you got to pick a pumpkin to bring home...

Dr. Shawn explains how he could actually do surgery on the pumpkin he is holding, to me and Kristina!

Emmie tried to convice us it was her birthday...NOT!

We tricked a nice lady to help us with a Family picture at the Farm, but try to get all those kids looking at the right place at the right time! There was a bit of everything, from magic shows, to mazes, to sand piles to play in. There was a spooky tent, but it was much too crazy for me!

Another Family pic... now, have you ever seen a pumpkin rolling contest? Check the short video below...

After we finished off at the farm we headed up to Orillia for Thanks Giving Dinner at The Highway Man Inn with the whole Clan! We had 25 people for dinner!

Here we are starting to all file in... we had our own private room with tables set up in a horse shoe arrangement to keep everyone looking at each

That is my Mom on the left, with good friend Pearl. We all enjoyed a great Turkey Dinner on the Buffet Table!

Judy and I spent some time with Mom at her Apartment after dinner, as it will be the last we see each other before we head south for the winter. Overall, a very busy day, but it was a blast!

Sure hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!

Now, here is some out of the blue news for you... tomorrow Morning, (Tuesday) I am jumping on a Delta Airline Flight out of Toronto, and will fly down to the Tri-City Airport just outside Johnson City, Tennessee! I am going down till next Monday, to give Shawn a hand clearing a piece of his land. Their house is on 4 acres of land, mostly bush, and they want to have an inground pool installed. We will be clearing some trees that have already been dropped, getting the site ready for the pool guys! I hope to blog from down there tomorrow!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I can tell from all the smiling faces in your photos that you and your family all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Love that family photo!

    You're going to work again? Clearing land for an indoor pool sounds like pretty hard work. I sure hope Jenn has stocked up on Mac 'n Cheese to pay you off for your labours.

  2. Busy all the time, Tennessee sounds like a good place to be right about now.

  3. a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! nice to see all the smiling faces!

  4. What a wonderful Thanksgiving get together with the entire family. Hard to beat that.

    Have fun clearing the brush and downed trees while working with Shawn. Sounds like a good work project.