Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our winter home has arrived… “Desert Hot Springs”…

This morning when I woke up all I could hear was lots of wind… apparently it was windy all night, but I guess I was tired, and just slept through it all… we had everything put away, including the satellite dishes, so all was good.   There was some big wind blowing though…
We had everything packed up, and we were on the road after a big breakfast, off to Desert Hot Springs…  We stayed here 3 months last year, and we plan about the same period of time this year!  It is a great spot and usually the weather is just about perfect!  Today though… something messed up… it was windy… yes, the wind will blow here… we hit a couple brown outs as we hit Indio, just reminded me of white outs, back in Ontario!
Don’t have a lot of pictures today, but Judy was clicking away from the dash, so I grabbed her camera and found these shots for you… here is the main entrance to our Resort, “Caliente Springs”, which is a great spot that we like a lot!  Have I mentioned they have great hot tubs here???  (I guess if I knew how to us the fancy photo software, I could get rid of the RV’s Radio Antenna in the pics…)

Ahead in the pic below is a guard booth, but no guard ever is in there… probably in days gone by.  Now at night they have security gates, and  you need the secret code to get in here!
This Resort is very well kept, and the pic below is just part of the main office complex…
When you pull in to register, you park here in the pic below… you can see one of the greens at the end of the road for the golf course!
The whole afternoon was spend setting up after we had lunch.  I did the TV and Internet dishes… Judy was on laundry detail… however we are now all settled in and ready for the fun to begin!
One thing I like to do, is highlight someone’s product or service when your expectations are exceeded.  I have to highlight two Companies tonight, as they have made a difference in our enjoyment of our time in the U.S. and while on the road, as both services are vital to us.  First is Hughes Net.  This is the Company that provides us with our Satellite Internet Service, and recently they totally upgraded our speed on the service, and our daily download allowance… and the first this you say is, “well… how much?” .  Well, they did all this for no additional cost!  The service is now real fast and reliable.   We find it now faster than most internet service available in RV Parks.  Thank you Hughes Net, and also Galaxy Broadband, which is the “Canadian Company” that we deal with, in order to be legal in Canada.  The second service that we had upgraded, was the package for our cell phone, from Bell Canada no less!   The service we are receiving is as they promised!  They increased the minutes we can talk, at no additional fee!  This is a big bonus to us!  Also, the data package works great and we can use it as much as we want without fear of running over plan!  Well done Bell!   Sometimes it is hard to find Big Companies that do things right, but these two deserve a plug from me, as they have made a difference for us! 
Check out the picture below of our beloved little Emmie.  We had a great skype call tonight with her and her sister ‘Paige’, who is missing from the picture… along with her Dad and Mom!  In the past, we did not get pictures off of skype near this good in quality… our skype calls are much better this year due to the upgrade of our service! (next call, I will get an updated picture of Paige, I promise…)  Emmie was telling us of all her activities, including skating, and dance class.  Also, she is excited to be able to go to Dad’s Hospital and have breakfast in her PJ’s with “Santa” real soon! 

Video call snapshot 8
A quick update on yesterday’s blog… if you are going to Borrego Springs to hike the ‘Slots’… the trail we did yesterday is not called ‘The Slots’ as I made it out to be… it is actually called “South Palm Wash Trail”.  Don’t want to send anyone up the wrong trail!
Hopefully the weather improves here tomorrow… forecast looks better! 
Till tomorrow…


  1. Love the green! Will have to google your new home.

  2. enjoy your stay!..hopefully the wind has died down!!

  3. We drove through Caliente Springs while we were down there. Nice looking place. Nice division of labor you and Judy have worked out...she does laundry and you do the dishes :))

    Cute picture of Emmie. What a little doll.

  4. Glad you cleared that up about the Slot because looking at your pics last night I knew that wasn't the slot canyon I had meant. Just didn't look the same. I'll hunt down the 'other' slot canyon when we get to Borrego and send you the directions. It's a real fun sqeeze:))

  5. Welcome, glad you made it safely to DHS through all the wind we had today! It seems to be calming down this evening.

    Great Skype pics of Emmi!

    Talk to you soon.

  6. Cute picture of Emmi ~ Glad you arrived safely to Hot Springs....
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  7. Emmi is so cute :)....glad your there safe and sound...have a blast

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