Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another easy Florida day...

Cloudy and rain...well, a heavy mist anyways... sure does not sound like sunny Florida does it? That was the entire day today, not a great day at all, however, it was still warm, well up into the 70's.

With that kind of weather, and still a bit of a sore back, we took the day very easy. Judy broke out all the Christmas decorations and we are now officially ready for the big guy!

We had a number of people pull into the Resort today to start their winter get away. Things will really pick up shorty after New Years Day.


Check out Gwenny and Charlie's new ride! Kristina sent me this picture on iMessage today, showing off a new running/trailer buggy they picked up off of Kijiji. That is Chris providing the foot power to keep things rolling... looks to me like they could use a bit more snow up there! You can convert this buggy to a trailer behind your bicycle believe it or not! Great idea.

Paige and Emmie have been busy little bees up in the Nations Capital. They are taking Ballet Lessons, and as you can tell by the smiles, they just are having a great time!

Here they are at the Santa Clause Parade in Ottawa, just check out the look of anticipation on their faces waiting for the Big Guy to show up! Shawn and Jenn report it was real cold for the big Parade.

Kind of a dull day here in Florida, but we were sure smiling looking at these pictures of the kids today!

We did stop at Walmart today up in Winterhaven for a few minutes, and I was laughing as they still had a bunch of the Black Friday Specials on sale, at the same price they were on Friday of course. That even included an iPad Mini, 16 Gig, for $299.00 and they had them in stock even! Hey, they might drop even further in price yet!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Those grandkid pictures are enough to brighten anybody's day.

  2. Even a cloudy day is good with warm temperatures, enjoy it!

  3. Love the grandkids photos. It is overcast here in Indiana too.

  4. That's some fancy wheels Gwenny and Charlie have to roll around in.

    Paige and Emmie always look so happy in their photos. They sure are beautiful little girls.

  5. Nice grand kid photos. Got to have those to keep up with their growth and activities. I like that buggy too.

  6. Hey, John. I just got an iPad mini from for $199 including 3 free months of free unlimited Data from T. Mobile - no contract. Now I believe that this is an unlocked Mini so any Sim card should work. It's a great deal.