Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maintenance Day...

Well, at least our weather improved a bit today, after we had the big thunder boomers last night along with a bunch of rain to boot!

Judy headed into Town to help out with the kids this morning, as Kristina had a meeting to attend. I stayed at the RV and worked on maintenance all day..

That is our fantastic vent you see pictured don't see the Max Air Vent that I put overtop. It was real dirty along with the bathroom vent, so a couple hours was spent cleaning. Next you can see the can of sealer I use, to totally re-seal the vent. This stuff is amazing! I love the way it works...

This product is made by Lanco. I bought it down in Florida last winter when our vent was leaking. You simply clean up your surface and paint this stuff on. It dries quickly and is like a liquid rubber. It is tough when it dries and best of does not leak. This gallon can was $35.00 and worth every dime. You can use it anywhere on the RV that might leak. You can paint your entire roof with it, I think it is meant more for that purpose.

If you have a leak...think about this stuff!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Looks like a great product, will keep that in mind.
    So far 15 years our metal rood is not leaking , seams are good too.
    Nice to keep on top on of these issues.

  2. Good tip on a probable RV product we could need sometime.

  3. I hope I never have to use that product but at least I know what to use if the need arises. Thanks for the tip.