Monday, October 6, 2014

Not quite finished...

This morning, Judy headed in to babysit for Kristina, as she had to go for a Dr.'s appointment. I headed in with here, as I had a couple little jobs I wanted to put to bed. There was a couple small drywall repairs that had to be made, so I went in and filled them up, and re-painted them. All fixed up in no time. No, Kristina, you do not have to cook another dinner for

After Kristina returned, and I had my work finished up, we decided to take the kids over to the local park, as it was not all that bad a morning.

It is hard for me to believe, but Gwenny can climb this big rock, by herself! It is a fake rock, put in the park as a toy for the kids to climb. She loves doing it. I can remember not so long ago she only dreamed of climbing this thing...

Gwenny was having a blast with her "Granny" on this big spring toy, they were swaying back and forth.

Not to be outdone of course... Charlie was right into riding the springs as well.

Check out this pic above... you get to see Charlie 3 times in the same frame if you look hard, and use your imagination. I was just messing around with the "Pano" mode on my iPhone 5. This feature was updated with the new IOS 8...

Looks like lots of rain here for the evening...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Another nice fall day, and yes we got the rain too.

  2. Good outdoor fun with Charlie and Gwennie on a cool Ontario day. I bet you are counting down the days to your departure for the Florida climes.

  3. About the Pano mode, John, I think you're onto something there. Apple might like that idea of making Charlie seem faster than a speeding bullet...if you can remember how you did it!

    Fun times at the park!