Tuesday, April 17, 2012


What a great day weather wise, and touring wise we had today!  The sky was super blue and clear, and warm!  No need to race back to Ontario just quite yet!

We will be playing a bit of ketchup again on the blog, as we have much more material than I can fit in a blog… love it when that happens…

Left off yesterday, at The Petrified Forest.  We headed from there towards Albuquerque, New Mexico… Judy picked out the Enchanted Trails RV Park as our home base.  I love it when you leave Arizona and hit N.M. and you start to see unique landscape only found in New Mexico…



As we pulled into our Park, I grabbed this picture of a 1950 Hudson Commodore, pulling a 1954 Vakashunette Trailer… very cool… there are a bunch of antique units in this park, and it is all about Route 66.  Central Avenue in this Town was Route 66 and they have a 17 mile sections that is real neat to drive!


This pic below is Central Ave., as we head east towards Albuquerque.  It turns into Route 66 further up… there are big signs.


We were looking for tourist info, and were told to head down to Old Town for it.  What a great spot… about a 6 or 7 block area of very old buildings…


This is San Filipe de Neri Church below… it is one of the first building built in Albuquerque.  1793!!!!  There was a Church built on the site before that… but it burned or was flooded… it is not know which.  Judy and I went into the Church which is still very active!  It is beautiful to say the least.  Hard to believe it is over 200 years old!  It is the centre piece of Old Town.


This Town Square is across from the Church… the whole area is well used with lots of people.


We passed on the tour of the pedal Taxi, but I bet it would have been fun.


We got the info we needed in the building below, where live Spanish music was being played…


There was 3 museums in Old Town, a whole bunch of Spanish shops, and a bunch of bronze work you see below… lots of history in this area.


Will have to cut short tonight, as it is too difficult here to post on the camp internet… too busy to put up the dish!

Till tomorrow…


  1. We have stayed at Enchanted Trails RV Park. Very nice park. If you like sunsets, just pull over on the side street right there on top of the bridge and watch the sun go down over the mts. Just beautiful!
    Love Old Town! Such a neat place.
    Enjoy your sightseeing.

  2. We have kids who live in Abq and we always stay at that RV park while we're there. Lots of things to do.

  3. That is a lovely area we had fun sightseeing there a few years ago.

  4. I liked your Hudson, Vakashunette picture. We have never visited in New Mexico before and are enjoying seeing the area through your blog.

  5. love the snap of the antique car and rv trailer...lovely looking place..will be putting that on our bucket list..

  6. This is so fun to see since we were just there not that long ago. We never saw the pedal taxi! I bet that would have been fun.

  7. One more for the bucket list. Nice tour of it too.

  8. We visited old town Albuquerque a few years ago and loved it. Took the same picture of the church that you did.

    If you get a chance, take a drive up to Santa Fe and visit Old Town there - it's a great place to visit.