Monday, April 9, 2012

I thought Wayne Gretzky was 99…

Phew, what a day… we were at the pool this afternoon, over at David and Angela’s and the thermometer on the wall was showing 99 Deg. in the SHADE!  Enough already!

Judy and Angela headed down to the smaller Town of Parker to do some shopping this morning, while David and I did a few things around the condo and then hit the Lowes Store, as David wanted to pick up a new garage door opener for the condo garage… that is Wednesday’s job!

This afternoon David wanted to go for a swim in Lake Havasu, so off we went… it is still spring break here for some people and it was busy down on the waterfront.

I was busy watching the Police working out on the Lake, as they pulled over quite a few boat to check for safety equipment I assume…  they had blue flashing lights and a siren!  Looked like lots of fun!


At 3:00 this afternoon, we arranged to meet up with other friends, John and Mary, who are also visiting Lake Havasu… John has to fly back to Toronto tomorrow, and return to work up in Sudbury on Thursday of this week… yuck!   We all decided to go to a nice Mexican Restaurant here, and enjoy some refreshments and some good food!  What a way to spend a hot afternoon in the desert!


That was about it for today, simply as it was way too hot for anything else…

A big welcome to “Bhounds” our latest blog followers to RVlifeonwheels!

Till tomorrow…


  1. 99...WOW! Glad t see the police taking safety so seriously. Some people who drive a car THINK they can drive a boat also...not! Hope no one was drinking and driving. Hope you enjoy your week! ~wheresweaver

  2. I converted your 99F to Canadian and it came out 37C. I feel much better now!

  3. To be near or on a lake is a blessing when the temperature is that high!