Friday, April 13, 2012

Watch out… it’s Friday the 13th!

I could only imagine that there was a whole bunch of motorcycles that made the trip to Port Dover, Ontario today, to celebrate Friday the 13th.  They have started a tradition there, and thousands of bikes show up every Friday the 13th!  I have never made it, but sure know that a bunch of my readers go!

The weather really cooled off here today, and as I sit and put this blog together it is actually raining!

I had some comments on the movie that we watched the other night, The Hunger Games, as to whether or not we read the book.  No we did not read the book, but just went as our friends wanted to go see it.  It is a real good story, and I look forward to the next one!

Had another comment about cracks in the windshield being fixed.  Not sure if this can be done in Ontario or not, but they do it here…  They use a special glue to fill the crack, and also drill a wee little hole at the end of the crack to prevent it from going any further.  Eventually we will replace these windshields anyways probably… time will tell.

All we did today was get ready to leave tomorrow… our time has come… we will now start the long journey home.  David and Angela fly back to Toronto tomorrow.   We have exactly 2 weeks to make the trip, and will just take our time heading home, and visit a few spots along the way.  Loaded the Burgman on the back of the Jeep, and all our outdoor stuff is stowed away and ready to go… just drop the sat. dishes in the morning and hook on the Jeep and hit the road!

We did meet up with David and Angela tonight for dinner, along with a good friend Doug, from Midland, Ontario.   We all went to the Golden Coral!  I love this restaurant.  As I am long in the tooth, I can eat the Sr. Dinner for $6.99!!!!  What a dinner you get, including all the salad you can eat… soup… main course and of course dessert!  We all enjoyed!



This is one popular restaurant in Lake Havasu, and is very busy.


I am hoping it does not rain much here tomorrow, as I hate driving in the rain, and getting everything dirty!

Till tomorrow…


  1. heading home finally!..we wish you a safe journey!

  2. Safe journeys on your way home. Did they have the chocolate fountain at the dessert table? That's what I want to try.

  3. If you plan on traveling home via Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas or Missouri you should check the weather forecast. Not good for Saturday out that way.

  4. Yes we find that too, everything clean and shinny , hit the road and it just rains enough to make a mess. Safe travels.

  5. Wishing you a good result with the window fix.

    Rain in Havasu! Unbelievable! Enjoy the drive back to Ontario.

  6. Have a safe trip home......we did our 1st Canadian Voy ride this am to Singhampton for breaky meeting....met a fellow who was on his way back from Dover....they claim 10,000 showed for the event.


  7. Drive safely you two. Looking forward to seeing your little faces in Ontario in a couple of weeks.

  8. I can't believe I ate the whole thing, but will try again next time.