Friday, April 6, 2012

Arch Rock Trail… (The Real One!)

So a few days ago, we took a hike, and I called it the Arch Rock Trail… seems I might have been pulling your leg on that one I find out now…  It was actually called the Pittsburgh Mines Trail.  Today we found the real Arch Rock Trail!  Sorry about that trusted readers! 

Sara Park is just south of Lake Havasu, and is a State Park.  There are some good trails inside this Park, and we found one today.

We got the Jeep parked, and headed out yonder below…


This area is unique, and has a lot of lava type rock all over the place, and a whole bunch of trails…



It is a bit of a hilly hike at first, but then you get right into it, as below we start to enter “The Crack”…  (seems in the pic below, we brought a ghost along with us)



Being the avid hiker, I had my eyes peeled for the Arch Rock!  No, that is not it below…


No, this is not it either… man… where is it???


This is a terrific slot canyon hike, if you are into slot canyons… this is one of the best!


This hike has a few challenges… just to keep the heart pounding.


OK, so now we are into the “sliding down on your butt!” routine…


Just enough room to get through… it was a bit tight!


Yes, that is Judy making her way…


Finally, there was light at the end of the slot canyon…


Our map told us to head this way for the Arch Rock… promises, promises…


Once we got through the slot canyon, we had great views of Lake Havasu, and the City.


Finally, we made Arch Rock!  It was awesome, and I could almost see my good friend Gerard, walking across the top of that arch!  If he was with us on this trip he would of!


We stopped and enjoyed the arch, had lunch and marvelled at the Az. beauty.


We had to come off of the mountain Arch Rock was on, down this wash, which was quite a challenge.


I found this little cactus 1/2 way down, and he was just flowering… maybe for the first time!


Once we were down, we followed the wash, and many paths back to the Jeep.  The GPS was needed, as the instructions we had were a bit weak.  Great hike, 4.5 miles long on a nice day, with a bit of a stiff wind in places.


We took a look around Sara Park, and I found this great Roller Blade Hockey Rink set up… what a spot!


We had some excitement this afternoon, in our State Park, as a bush fire started burning.  Apparently 4 acres burned, down close to the lake.  The wind was blowing the fire away from us thankfully.  No one hurt, only some bush that was home for many birds in this area.  Lots of fire crew showed up and put it all out! 


One of the many fire trucks that showed up to put out the blaze…


It is hard to tell there was a fire, in these pictures, but it did burn for a couple hours… all is out now.  They kept us campers back a piece from the action.


Till tomorrow…


  1. Love that trail. Those are the type of hikes Paul and I enjoy. So much beauty. Enjoy your weekend. ~wheresweaver

  2. Looks like a wonderful trail and you finally did locate the Arch rock a nice reward. Keep enjoying Arizona, still cool here in Ontario.

  3. You two do know where to find some pretty awesome hikes. I would enjoy Sara State Park.