Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kind of felt like Groundhog Day…

We redlined out at 99 Deg. F. again today… felt just like the movie Groundhog Day!  Too hot again to do too many things, however Judy did make it to the Laundry Mat, (I could not imagine doing that today…) while I took the RV up to have our tanks dumped!  Dirty job, someone has to do it! 

Filled up with 80 gallons of fresh water again, and we are good to go now until we leave this coming Saturday!  We were laughing as some people we have talked to here were complaining to us about how dirty the Park showers and washroom was… well, duhhhh… you have a great big fancy motorhome, but you don’t want to use your onboard facilities???? Go figure… we always use ours!  We can last 5 days easy on our tanks, and then a quick trip up to the station.

This year has been a hard winter for us on windshields.  We have cracked the one in the Jeep, and for good measure, we cracked the one on the Motorhome!  We are two for two!  I arranged a guy to come and look at them today… he is mobile, and goes around in his motorhome fixing windows… 65,000 so far he says!  He filled our cracks, so they are not near a obvious, and it also makes them so they will not crack any further and run across your windshield.  We had him come last year, and fix a *star* from a stone chip on the Jeep window and he did a good job.  Time will tell.   Cost - - -  $40 bucks a crack/or/****star****

Had to get on the cell phone today, and phone up my baby brother who turned the double nickel today.  Happy Birthday Gord… back in Orillia!

Lounged around the pool again with David and Angela, and then we all went out to “cheap night” at the movies!  Every Tuesday night you can get in to the big theatre here, for $10 bucks a couple, and they throw in a bag of buttered popcorn for each of you!  What a deal.  We decided on “The Hunger Games”.  I really enjoyed it.  Excellent storey to it, won’t tell you here, but they sure set it up at the end for “Hunger Games Part Deux…”  If you like a good action movie with a great storey line… try this one.

Nope, not one single picture today…

Wow… looks like the page counter is closing in on 100,000 hits… it could be you that puts us over the top!  Thanks to all our readers!

Till tomorrow…


  1. I like that, we spend a lot of money on these rigs and people don't use the facilities? Go figure. Good deal at the theatre too.

  2. nothing wrong with more of the same!..enjoy the sunshine!!

  3. You do have a lot of readers! The desert is clearly heating up. I guess you will start the slow trek back towards Ontario?

  4. Was not aware that the cracks can be filled, they will not do that in cda because they probably sell more windshields? is this a new process?

  5. Can't beat that movie deal, hope you get a few more pool day's in before heading north.

  6. $10 bucks for both of you...what a great deal! Did either of you read the book? Just wondering if the book or movie was better.
    We never use the park bathrooms either. This is our house...why wouldn't we shower it in? Crazy!

  7. Man, I was waiting to comment to be number 100,000 and missed it by 3. Oh well, maybe I'll be # 200,000 - congrats!!