Saturday, April 7, 2012

“The heat is on…”

Whew… well over 90 deg. here this afternoon, and we are feeling it!  It is hot!

This morning I went over to the flying field and had one of my planes up in the air to get my flying fix!  Lots of people out flying this morning, as the conditions were next to perfect.  No wind and warm!  (Also no pics Sad smile)

So what to do… why not go out and enjoy some of Lake Havasu with the kayaks… Judy brought our point and shoot, and had it inside a plastic bag, so it looks like I bought  a high priced filter for the camera!


It was nice out on the water this afternoon… we made it over to the channel where the London Bridge is… only problem was a whole bunch of motorboats, but they go real slow in the channel.



The lighthouse below, protects the entrance to the London Bridge Channel. 


We took a walk today up to inspect the fire damage in our Park, and found the Fire Department still there.  They were still watering down the area with some foam they use.  4 acres of land burned, and with the big wind up, they did an excellent job of getting it put out, without it spreading even more! 


The fire was right down on the lake area of the park.


This fireman below is spreading foam on the ground… hot day to be a fireman! 


Just sitting tonight, watching Montreal beating my Maple Leafs in the last game of the year…  so sad!  No playoffs again!  7 years and counting!  Maybe next year!

Yesterday afternoon, Judy and I went out to the show, and watched the Movie, “Act of Valour”.  It is a real good movie of the U. S. Navy Seals.  No high paid actors, only Navy Seals, and all the guns and equipment they use every day.  It was well done, and I enjoyed it very much.  Judy was very polite, and escorted me in and out, and did not moan and groan about all the killing and shooting… She is such a good Wife!  Great action movie for all you guys out there that are into that!

till tomorrow…


  1. sorry to hear about your Leafs being out! could always come the dark side and cheer for the Canucks!

  2. It looked like an awesome day to go out on the water. Happy Easter! ~wheresweaver

  3. The heat is on? Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's freezing up here. Maybe you'll tip that kayak over and have a nice cold dip to cool you down a bit, eh?

  4. We have yet to take our Sea Eagle on Lake Havasu...but there is always next year! Sure looked nice out on the water.

    Hey, the Canucks are No 1 and they won the President's Cup - again! Like you though, it's hard to fathom how the Maple Leafs - the highest paid team in the NHL - cannot get into the playoffs. Something needs to seriously shake the team!

    Go Canucks Go!

  5. Happy Easter to you and Judy. Sure looked like a nice day for the kayaks. We hit 87 here yesterday.