Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Arch Rock Trail… Lake Havasu

Thankfully the wind left us this morning, and it was just another real nice day here in Havasu.  What a great day for a hike!

Judy found a good hike for us up at the north end of Lake Havasu… called Arch Rock Trail… we had like a hand drawn map for it to follow to the pot of gold!

We got the Jeep parked over the starting point culvert and off we went.


First we need a moment below to set the GPS as you just never know…


Judy forgot her sunglasses and snapped our picture as we headed up the wash…


We had to climb up a few dry waterfalls along the wash…


That hydro tower in the background was a key point on our map…


Yes, it is spring and the desert is in bloom…




We came across a few old mines, with ample warnings and fences around them to keep clear…


At one mine site we found a slab of cement that was only missing the picnic table, but we used it anyways for lunch!


We climbed about 500 fee up, and had great views of the lake Havasu area… We didn’t get to any Arch Rock, as further up the trail all we could hear was a couple guys shooting off firearms, so we did not want to press our luck with that, so we simply turned around and headed back…


We had to navigate this tunnel which was about 500 feet long maybe… nice and cool inside!


Aughhh…. yes, there was light at the end of the tunnel!


The hike turned out to be a little over 3.5 miles and was a good one!  We all enjoyed!

Mello Mike, Jim and Rosie, Sara, Nancy, and Geo, are all recent blog followers, and I would like to welcome you all to our travels!  Nice to have you along for sure!

Posting real early today, so you might have missed yesterday’s blog which was only posted this morning…. have I got you all confused yet???  All messed up in my routine, as we are on generator hours, and spending lots of time off site doing stuff!

Till tomorrow…


  1. I hope you checked that culvert/tunnel for creatures before entering! Looked like a fun hike.

  2. fun day for a hike and a lovely spot for a picnic!!

  3. Creepy looking culvert - other than that a great looking hike!