Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Everyone knows it’s windy…

You had to make sure you locked on your hat around here today… it was a windy one, right from the get go…  It was nice and warm again, but the wind ruled the day for sure!

Got a few things done around the RV this morning, and a skype call with Kristina and Gwenny… they are doing well!



Judy has been into finding all kinds of wild life around these parts… found this on her camera…


Drove around Havasu today a bit, and made  it down to London Bridge Park…


We were out on the man made Island, on the other side of the London Bridge, and took this shot looking back at the City… it is spread out on the mountain.


Made it over to Dave and Angela’s Condo, and Judy got a couple candid shots from inside… it is a real nice 1 bedroom, and in a good location with a view of the mountains and the lake.



Judy also found some flowering cactus… I never took a picture today!



Picture below of Lake Havasu with California in the background.


Will not be actually able to post this blog until Tuesday morning our time, as I am past our generator hours tonight, so sorry if you miss it…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Lake Havasu looks beautiful!!..glad you are enjoying yourselves!

  2. It is a nice area. When the winds blow through there though, it can be taxing.

    Nice condo too!

  3. gorgeous area....nice condo...we also had the wind...

  4. Beautiful view of the lake, and a nice looking condo your friends have. Can't believe how much Gwenny has grown.

  5. What a great picture you got of Kristina and Gwenny. Isn't Skype wonderful!
    We really enjoyed the Lake Havasu area when we were there in 2010. Beautiful picture!