Saturday, April 21, 2012

“Back on the road again…”

What a great day it turned out to be today across the mid-west.  We awoke in Amarillo, and we are parked tonight in Oklahoma City, 250 miles away from each other!

It is sunny and very warm here in Oklahoma, at the Council Road RV Park.  Plus something different!  We are parked on “Real Grass”!   No more desert!

Now, the first picture did not turn out very good, as it was taken on the run… about a 65 mph run… or 110 klms. for all the Canadians!  However, can you imagine eating a 72 oz. steak in under 30 minutes… you get the steak free if you can… Judy saw this advertisement along the highway… that is a 6 lbs. steak!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t think it can be done… what do you think???



Judy and I were checking out the Tornado Shelter below, that was located in our RV Park last night in Amarillo!  Thank goodness we didn’t need it!  The Park Management made it a point, to point this out to us for our protection!  “Forget your RV… just get to the shelter in the event of a Tornado!” is what they said…


Below is our site in this very old and decrepit park.  Apparently new owners just took over, and are starting a re-build.  It needs it!  It was on $11.00 for the night, and we hardly stepped outside the RV. 


Just outside Amarillo, to the east, is the biggest Cross in the United States of America.  It is real big, probably over 200 feet high…


and here is the surprise for tonight… we are parked on real grass!  This has not happened for quite a while!   Patra liked it, as she came out to eat a few strands…


So with the nice weather here, it is not quite time to head back to Ontario… I watched the news from Toronto on the dish tonight, and they are actually calling for some snow on Monday!   We will get there by the end of next week and hopefully it will be warmer!

We plan on spending maybe a couple days here in Oklahoma City, as there is a ton of stuff again to go out and see… stay tuned!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Oh, it can be done, and has been done. There are videos on YouTube showing it being done. The Big Texan restaurant has a webcam and you can watch online as people attempt to eat that 72 oz steak with all the trimmings. Baked potatoes, cobs of corn, dinner rolls etc are all part of the trimmings. Karen and I stopped there a few years ago for dinner, and I managed to pack down the 6 oz steak. Someone was trying the 72 oz while we were there. If I remember correctly, among those who have conquered the mighty steak... an 11 year old has done it, and so has an 82 year old grandmother. I think you should turn around and head back and give it a try. And to make your turn around worth while, you could also visit the Cadillac Ranch where a dozen or so Cadillacs are buried nose down in a farmers field, and people go and spray paint them with their names or graffiti. Both the "Big Texan Steakhouse" and the "Cadillac Ranch" are part of the "Route 66" attractions for that part of Texas.

  2. It hit 50 F ( 10 C ) today in Tecumseh Ontario. I was working on the trailer. Inside was comfortable, but outside the wind went right through you. Two hours since I got back home and am still chilled. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Their website has an incredible list of winners. I am sure that steak would last me a month.

  4. enjoy your stay in Oklahoma City!!

  5. have fun in OK City! Wow - sure didn't like the look of that tornado shelter. Yes, we are now next to grass for the first night since Victoria last fall! Safe travels.

  6. Just the thought of having to go down into a tornado shelter gives me the willies.

    Nice to enjoy the grass isn't it? I'll bet Patra certainly enjoyed it.

  7. My brother used to live in Iowa. He moved to North Carolina in 1974. After he lived through his first hurricane, he said, "give me a good old Iowa tornado anytime. It's only three quarters of a mile wide and lasts for 15 minutes. These damn hurricanes are several miles wide and last for three days. and you're without power far longer than with a tornado. With a hurricane you have several days warning. A tornado may be mere moments. In either case, you're going to lose your trailer. Just a different perspective.


  8. When we were in OK City last May the first thing we looked at was the cement bathrooms. Guess what. We DID need them. We had 3 tornadoes surround us. The sirens went off and off we ran for the shelter. Since we had a heads up that there MAY be a tornado in the area we got Bella's stuff, our radio and other stuff together. Grabed all that stuff and just prayed we would be able to return to the MH. All worked out well. Hope you have safe travels home

  9. Portland Oregon has Saylor's Old Country Kitchen where they are famous for their 72oz Steak. Here are the rules.

    Rules Governing Eating of 72 oz. Steak
    Contestant cannot leave table after steak is served, until finished or time limit is up. Steak shall not be cooked over medium rare.

    You must eat: two celery sticks, two carrot sticks, two olives, two dill pickles, one regular salad, ten french fries or one baked potato, one slice of bread, and all lean meat (or edible parts of the steak). All this must be done within 60 minutes after steak is served. You may have steak reheated, but on own time.

    To any individual who can accomplish this: We will make no charge.

    And it has been done many times over the years. :)

  10. O.K., but do you get dessert with that??

  11. We are near Strathroy Ont. and yesterday was brutally cold, windy and damp. But is gradually warming up over the next week. Enjoy your warm weather and the sites while you have them.
    Travel safe.

  12. Imagine the feeling after ingesting that steak? Whoa!!!

    Have fun in Oklahoma cause it's clear there is no need to rush back home.