Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Clean Up!

Nice to have the sun just a blazing today here in Southern Ontario, as it got up to about 15 deg. C.

Just took life real easy, doing some clean up of the yard around the RV… lots of twigs and stuff all over our site from winter, but not anymore!


One spring time ritual that I really enjoy is getting my motorcycle out of storage for another summer of riding… today was the day.  I had the Honda all cleaned up and serviced when I put it to bed last fall, but cleaned it all up to get the dust off today.  Put the battery and seat back on, and before it know it… purring like a kitten for another year!  This is a 2007 Honda 750, that I bought new, and checking the odometer today, showed 41,217 klms. on the dial!  Still looks like new!   Going to have to go find some new tires for it though this spring, as the current ones are worn out!


Little Gwenny, along with Mom and Dad came out to the RV to check out our set up for the summer, and enjoyed dinner with us tonight!  Gwenny gets to sit at the table this year with the big kids!


Before dinner, we sat for an hour and a half outside, as it was lovely to say the least.   I liked Gwenny’s outfit for today!


Judy tells me we travelled about 7,200 miles this year with the Motorhome!  Did a lot of touring, and enjoyed every minute of it!  Last year the highlight of the trip for me was Death Valley.   This year, the highlight was the trip from L.A. up to San Francisco up the #1 Highway!  What a trip!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Good deals on tires installed at Americade if you are going....

  2. another cute grandbaby in blogville tonight!..welcome back Gwenny!

  3. Maverick, I was sure the highlight was installing the garage door opener in Lake Havasu or the Golden Corral LOL

  4. Thanks for bringing the warm weather and sunshine back to Ontario with you.

  5. Nice to be all set up, with the motorcycle at the ready.

    A visit from Gwenny always adds colour and fun.

  6. Cleaning up is just one of the joys of coming home!

    Gwenny looks all ready for dinner in that photo!

    Does that baby ever do anything but smile and look incredibly cute??