Thursday, April 12, 2012

Can you spell “Relief”…

Finally, today our weather pattern changed a bit, and we got relief from our 99 deg. weather… it was down in the lower 80’s today, so a lot nicer! 

I had to do some satellite dish adjustments this morning, but got our internet back online.  Big wind yesterday!

Also, first off, thanks to all of our readers who put us over the 100,000 hits on the blog!  Never thought it would happen, but it did, and will probably keep on typing for a while yet!

Yesterday was  a work day for David and I as we installed his new Garage Door Opener at the condo… it took us about 5 hours but we got it done.  Below we are unpacking the box with a million parts…


In the past couple years, David has had to have surgery on both shoulders, so cannot do a lot with his arms above his head… below we are simply pressing the button to make the new one work!  Could not post these pics last night due to the smart phone not being quite so smart.


What do you do after the day of work, you look for the hot tub of course!  It felt pretty good!


This morning, we were all at it again, as we walked the 4 mile trail on the man made Island just across the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City.  Great day for a walk.


We were all hungry from walking, so David and Angela took us up to near Bullhead City, and we had lunch at Pirate Cove Resort, on the Colorado River in California!  What a spot.


People boat up here from Lake Havasu, and enjoy lunch!  We had a nice waterfront table, it was a nice day!


This gal greeted us at the door, she did not serve us, but our waitress was dressed very similar!!!!


There is a major Pirate Theme to the whole place!


Of course you have to have a Pirate Ship…


I was kind of looking for Indiana Jones to get on this plane, but he was not there…


We took life easy around the pool and spa all afternoon, and then went down to the main street to enjoy hot rod night!  All the restaurants put on great deals, and everyone takes in all the fancy cars in Lake Havasu. 


Below is a very rare 1935 Auburn, in great condition, and which drew a big crowd.


A nice 1967 Mustang below, Judy and I had a 66.


I like the Chevy Chevelle, with a fully blown 396 engine… all set for the drag strip!


All in all, another terrific day here at the Lake.

Time is coming to an end… we leave on Saturday!

Till tomorrow…

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  1. Boy does that hot tub look great right about now!
    The restaurant looks really cool. I am sure the men like the little Pirate-ett waitress.
    Enjoy your weekend. ~wheresweaver