Friday, April 27, 2012

Back to “Home Sweet Home”…

Yes, we are back in Canada!  It is nice to visit the U.S., however it is also nice to return home to Canada…The weather was clear, but cool for our grand return today, and this is one of the first things we came across as we entered back into the Country…


We crossed at Port Huron, Michigan, into Sarnia, Ontario across the Blue Water Bridge.  There is a lot of construction on the Port Huron side, and it was very confusing as you approached the cut off for the Bridge… we totally missed the Duty Free Shop, (oh well…) and got right on the bridge to Canada!  We had a Lady Customs Officer that asked where we live???, how much did you spend, any smokes or booze???… WELCOME BACK TO CANADA!  That was it, name, rank, and serial number, and that was it!  Easiest crossing we have had yet! 

We made the 2 hour trip to Woodstock, and were welcomes by all the spring flowers around Town Square as we did our victory lap around the downtown core!  Had to get filled up with propane, as it is going to –6 here tonight!  Welcome home!


We made it out to our home park, Willow Lake, by 11:30 this morning, and Ron and Jane were both there to greet us and welcomed us back home.  Ron was great, and helped me move the motorcycle trailer off the pad to it’s summer parking spot.  Only had one BIG glitch, and that was when I went to plug in our modem for our Hughes Net Internet Satellite Dish.  The modem did not fire up… dead in the water… not good!!!  It appears we have blown the power supply box… will have to look into it.  After a quick discussion with Judy, it became evident neither one of us could continue on in Life without the internet, so what to do???  The answer!!!!  Good old Ma Bell.  I jumped into the Jeep with Smart Phone and iPad in hand, and headed to the Bell Store in Woodstock.  We bought our Smart LG Phone there last year.  In 15 minutes, this young computer wiz guy, had my iPad hooked up to the Bell Network, with the internet working just fine!  It needed a new Sim Card, and a bit of work on his computer, and all was running…  We now have a flex plan for internet, on which you pay as you play, with 5 Gig costing $35.00 over a month.  Our new iPad 3 supports the 4G network, however in Woodstock they are not quite up to that speed yet, but will be soon.  Currently working on the 3G network, which works just fine!  Can’t wait for 4G!  Will have to decide what to do with Hughes Net, our 3 year contract comes due this June!  Perfect!

Oh ya, forgot to tell you… best part!  Bring the iPad back to the RV, hit the “Personal Hot Spot Button”, and presto!  Our internet hungry laptops have been fed, and work GREAT! 

Of course, we headed into Town to visit little Miss Gwenny!  All the Family is doing well, and Chris was home from work when we got there…  Right away, Gwenny took charge, and was showing me how to operate the iPad!  Imagine that!  She was a pro at it!


A couple pics from our trip home.. here is St. Louis… I want to go back and visit here more… check out the arch.. it is really big!


We stayed a night at a Park in Indiana, and we were put right beside the Good Sam RVer of the Year, for 2011!  I lost their names, but we met them and they were very nice people, who do a lot of travelling!  They have signs all over their truck and on their lot.  They were voted in by the total Membership of Good Sam.


We had a nice site below in Port Huron.  KOA.


Granny sure enjoyed her time this afternoon with Gwenny…

gwenny one

Judy brought her a baby doll, and she played with it this afternoon… she is growing up on us, almost a year old now…


Good to be home…

Welcome to Thelma and Skip tonight, our most recent blog followers… welcome aboard!

Till tomorrow…


  1. So glad there were not too many hiccups crossing. LOVE your Gwenny pic's, as always. Yes, she sure has grown - can't wait to see our little one.

  2. It sure is noce to have an easy border crossing. Welcome back home, glad you have your internet up and running.

  3. It seems that most Canadian RVers have had an easy border crossing back home. Nice! We had a good experience too!

    Gwenny has grown...and it's hard to believe that she is almost a one year old. She is bright eyed and cute. Nice photos!

  4. Good going grandpa. Teach Gwenny early about technology! She is a beauty!
    No place like home!

  5. Gwenny is as cute as ever - and smart too!! Hope you learned some good tips from her.

    The Personal HotSpot feature on our iPhone has saved Paulette and I a few times from the dreaded no-wifi syndrome.

    Be careful what you wish for with 4G as it's about 10x faster and you may zip thru your 5GB's limit in a flash.

  6. Gwenny has gotten so big!
    I always forget your park is called Willow Lake... so is ours, but it's at least a few miles south of yours. =]