Thursday, April 5, 2012

“London Bridge is Falling Down… Falling Down…

No, not really Folks, the London Bridge is alive and well, and living in Lake Havasu…  some of our readers may not be aware, that there is actually a “London Bridge” here in Lake Havasu!


When the decision was made to build Lake Havasu, and the City, they went to London, England, bought a bridge, took it apart, placed it all on a big boat/barge, and floated it all to America, off loaded the boat/barge, and shipped the Bridge to Lake Havasu City.  It was all put back together, where it currently stands, and then they made the water flow underneath it!  An engineering marvel if you have ever saw one!  The Bridge is the corner stone of Lake Havasu City, and a lot happens all around it every day!


A lot of Restaurants and Tourist related business operate in the shadow of the Bridge!  (And it was a hot shadow today…)


It is fun, just to get out of the car and take it all in while you are here… they did an exceptional job building and promoting the waterfront area.


During the month of March, this is Spring Break City now, and that is why we are here in April this year!  when the kids party, they PARTY!!!!!  They line the boats up like the ones below, and just go all day, and all night, and all day, and all night… over and over again for a month!  Nevada, California, Arizona, and Utah all come for the break period.  The U.S. economy is fine here!



This boat below, sounded more like a stock car, out on the track, than a boat floating down the river… what a noise!



You are right, all these fancy boats are not cheap, and fuel here is not cheap… yahoo! Let the good times roll!!!!


Nobody on the beach today was having more fun than these two guys below! 


They were having a blast with their well trained Master!


The new waterfront park area makes it look like a Caribbean Island Paradise!


They have a Lighthouse group, that went around building a bunch of replica Lighthouses from around the U.S.A.  This one below, is taken from one in Buffalo, N.Y., as you enter Lake Erie.


This is a great spot, and it is nice to get great shots of water and mountains!  Love it!


Till tomorrow…


  1. Love that area. That is a ton of boats. Looks beautiful though! Safe travels. ~wheresweaver

  2. great looking area....spring break here too I safe

  3. I love those old bridges. We are in the Florida Keys and the old arch bridges have been preserved as fishing bridges. They are so much more interesting than the new style bridges.

    We still seem to have plenty of spring breakers...mostly families with school age kids...can't wait for them to get back to school!

  4. It is really interesting to see what man can create in a desert, and Lake Havasu is a recent example of that innovative engineering.

    I was impressed with the amount of thought and work involved in dismantling,moving and re-engineering the London Bridge at Havasu!

  5. Only in America! I still can't figure out how they put the bridge puzzle back together.