Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time for a Burgman Trip…

Wow… our weather is turning into an oven… it is up into the 90’s here, and today was a warm one.  Luckily, it turned out a bit overcast this afternoon, and a nice breeze blowing, so it was very tolerable.

This morning for the first time is 3 weeks, I was able to get out flying!  Yahoo… I went to the same field I flew at here last year, and sure enough about 5 guys were out with planes.  It was a great morning to fly with the wind coming up around 10:30, just in time to quit.  Sure enjoyed it, even if one of my landings was a little ruff…. ouch!  Sorry, no pics.

After lunch Judy and I decided it was time to take a tour on the Burgman, as the weather was simply perfect for it! 

Decided to head south on the 95, and take in Parker, Az.  You follow the course of the Colorado River as you head south on 95, and it is a real neat ride, with lots of water and mountains to view… we found a lookout below…



This area is filled with State Parks, and if you look on the far side of that there River, yup, that is California!


Of course we stopped south of Lake Havasu, and took in the Parker Dam.  This is a Hydro Electric Station that produces all that power to run our computers!  No trucks, or RV’s over the dam please, but Burgman’s are OK!  When you cross this dam, you of course, enter California.  This dam must be a very high security spot, as on each side of the dam, there is a guard in a guard house, to keep an eye on you!  Also saw a Home Land Security Truck cruising in this area… you never know!


The dam was positioned to hold back all the water today…


You can see the hydro wires at the top of the mountain, bringing you all the electricity to keep your computers going… the yellow device by Judy, is a big hoist to lift big flood gates up to release more water…



There are a lot of nice RV  Parks, right along the river, along with the State Parks on both sides of the border.  We drove south to Parker, on the California side of the River.


You have to take heed of the warnings you see along the way…


Well, they were not quite on the road, but we did find some along a small golf course we came across…


and a few more just up the road… saw maybe 20 of them…


Here is your real estate deal for today… in California, right on the Colorado River, these homes sell for $99,000.00 brand new!  3 Bedrooms and 2 baths… they have a carport thingy to keep the Jeep under…no grass to cut and you better like your neighbour!



As you hit Parker, you see the big rail way bridge crossing the Colorado, and they are building a big new bridge for the cars to replace the existing 2 lane bridge. 


Judy took the opportunity to visit Bealls Store, and stocked up on some clothing while in Parker before heading home! 


Great afternoon.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Don't think I could live in one of those houses at any price!! Sounds like a good deal for those that like that way of life though. I think those burros are interesting but I'll bet the golf course owners are not too fond of them. Nice tour.

  2. "dam fine" day you had!..those houses are a screaming deal!!!

  3. I remember seeing those sandwiched houses' when we were up that side of the river in Parker awhile back. Couldn't pay me to live in that kind of a Sardine setting. Liked the Parker area but didn't care a lot for touristy Havasu.

  4. Another nice area to visit and sightsee, soon you will be heading home I guess.

  5. I remember the Dam well. We really enjoyed that area. Quiet beautiful. We wanted to ask why all the security but there was no around to ask. Did you find out why other than HLS?
    Those Burros crack me up. They are so cute and so unaware of their surroundings. They just do what ever feel good that day. So funny.
    Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  6. Isn't it a great area for a motorcycle/scooter ride? We rode the very same route this past January, and really enjoyed it. Your photos made us feel that we were right back there.