Thursday, May 24, 2012

Black Cars do look better in the shade!

Twenty Eight plus degrees C. here today… it just keeps getting better!  Tomorrow is even  better, and Saturday will be hotter!

“Black Cars look better in the shade”…  not a great picture, however this morning I was on clean up duty!  The Jeep received full bore treatment today, inside and out!  This morning I gave it a full wax job with McGuires Wax that I picked up in DHS… it is a lot cheaper down there!


Next on the list was the Honda… we got the bikes dirty travelling over to Newmarket on the weekend, so they needed a full cleaning!  Judy’s bike got a cleaning also… no pic though…


Judy joined Kristina in going over to London with Gwenny to visit the Family Dr. today, so I was on my own… after I got the bike all cleaned up, it was so nice, I could not resist taking it for a tour today… love riding the bike!  I headed out to Ingersol, just to the west of Woodstock, a nice Town of about 11,000 people.  Probably about 7,000 of them work at the huge GM Cami Plant in Ingersol.   This plant is a few years old now, and they assemble automobiles here.  Not sure how many work here, but it would be a lot!


I was able to drive a circle around the plant, which would be about 10 klms. in length!  They are now proud to assemble the Chevrolet Equinox here! 


As I drove around, I found about 500 Equinox’s parked out back, ready for shipment. 


I enjoyed the ride this afternoon, and retired back to the RV, only to find Judy, Kristina and Gwenny out there… ready to go for a dip in the pool!  Why not!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Love the title, and it does look better in the shade.

  2. they do look better in the shade..hides all the imperfections!..looks mighy fine though!

  3. Gotta love just touring the countryside on your bike, wish I still had one at times. The summertime weather is just wonderful.

  4. Nice that you could get out for a ride - especially after the chrome was shined up. I agree that black does look good in the shade.