Saturday, May 26, 2012

Garage Sale Day!

Kristina and Chris had been planning for quite a while now to have a garage sale and clean out some un-needed items… we decided to throw in a couple items, and so did David and Diane, Chris’ Mom and Dad, as they are planning a big move this summer, and have lots of items to go through…

Turned out to be a perfect day for a garage sale!  Great weather, with a high around 28 deg. C. today, and muggy.

Here we all are at 7:30 this morning, planning our day’s game plan!  (Which was to sell everything!)


Woodstock, as most Communities, have a set pattern of people who go treasure hunting every Saturday Morning!  We put a few strategic signs out around the block, and presto!  They came!  People started coming shortly after 7:30, and continued to 1:00 this afternoon!  Steady all day!  Crazy!  People will buy anything!


We received quite a few offers for Gwenny, but Judy made sure she stayed put!  Had to have time out for lunch though…


Later this afternoon, good friends, Gerard and Deb drove over from Waterloo, and joined us for dinner at the RV.  Gerard is in great health, and better spirits, and we really enjoyed the afternoon and evening!  That is Tibby sitting on Debs knee below, and we were laughing as Tibby just loved trying to give Gwenny doggy kiss’.


Next Wednesday, Gerard is planning a couple days up at his cottage at Sauble Beach to do some work, so I was recruited to be supervisor!  Sure didn’t take me long to jump at the opportunity! 

Till tomorrow…



  1. the garage sale sounds like it was a ton of fun! nice to get rid of stuff!!

  2. I used to love having garage sales. My mom and I would have a huge one from Thurs.-Sat. each summer. Neither one of us could figure out where we got so much stuff in one year.

  3. Sure seems like it was a successful garage sale. I like getting ride of useless stuff!

  4. Garage sales are so much fun, bet money for unused stuff and meet lotsa people. You had a great day for it!

  5. Garage sales are a lot of WORK! but more fun for us coming to see them. I miss that while full timing, it's a lot harder to get to garage sales when you are in a new area and are spatially challenged or not near any residential areas. Hope yours was a good one!

  6. Looked like perfect weather for the sale. Sounded like a nice a evening with your friend, glad he is doing so well.

  7. Garage sale? If Paulette had known she just might have passed me in the air on a Westjet flight to Ontario!

    Now, if everybody would quit buying 'junk', we wouldn't need garage sales, right?