Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just puttering around today…

We are still enjoying warm mid-summer temperatures in south west Ontario… and we are loving it!

When we were driving home yesterday, we came through the Town of Tavistock.  It is a nice small Town, about 18 Klms. north of Woodstock.  As we came through, I noticed this one Rural Home, had a couple lawn mowers out on the street for sale… I turned around to check them out, and found that they were both free for the taking!  So, drove down to Woodstock, picked up the Jeep, and headed back up to Tavistock to pick them up!

Well, one of them, was simply in excellent shape!  I got it back to the RV, took a quick look at it, pulled the cord, and it started right up, and ran great… today I went into CTC and picked up a new spark plug, and a new mulch blade for it, and used it to cut the Kid’s Lawn!  Worked great!  All I forgot to do, was take a picture of it… will do.

However, as I mentioned, there was two lawnmowers… the other is pictured below, and the best I can come up with, it looks like a 1952 Lawn Boy!  (Iron Horse).  We all probably owned one of these, as well over 500,000 of these were produced!  I could not get it to start up, and it appears there is no spark to the spark plug…  will tinker a bit more with it before I give up…


Kristina and Chris were asking me if I could take a look at the old wipper snipper that I left at their house three years ago!  It is an older Yard Works Model, and was not running right when we sold the house, and moved into the RV.  Today was it’s turn… I took it all apart and cleaned it all up… including the carb.  After puttering around with it for a couple hours', I got it working again just fine!  Some how, the needle valve in the carb got turned and that is why it was not running right… after I made the adjustments, it was just like new!  I am so pumped up doing all this small engine repair work today, I think I might drive out to B.C. and pick up Ricks old John Deere Lawn Mower, and get it running like new!  (Yeah, right…)  Tomorrow I will take the snipper back to the house, and clean up the trimming!


One of the main reasons for the new deck stairs was so the top deck could be blocked off to allow Gwenny free run without the fear of falling down, so now all that has to be done is a new deck kid proof gate to be installed… this is next, and then all will be good for Gwenny!  Had some comments about this in the blog… Still some more work on this job yet, but it is a long summer!

That was about all that was on the go today…

Till tomorrow…


  1. You are clearly Mr. Handy Dandy...and yes, Rick (over in Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island) could use your skills with his old JD. Come to think of it, I think he trashed it already. Oh well....your kids are happy!

  2. You sure are accomplishing a lot. Maybe you'll have to go into the small engine repair business. I'm sure the kids (and Gwenny) appreciate all your help.

  3. After leap frogging with each other all winter and never meeting, it's fun to see you at home doing home stuff. lots of good jobs completed

  4. Petty soon you will be opening your own repair shop.

  5. Now you tell me your a carburetor expert after my old JD has gone to lawn mower heaven!

    Aren't you glad you have so many concerned bloggers giving you safety tips on how to build the deck to make sure it's safe for Gwenny?

    We just don't want to see you running out of work to do.

  6. As much as we try to avoid it, work just keeps coming our way, always something to do. But now I call it playing.