Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guelph visit today…

I was surprised at the number of comments of people indicating they would watch TV on their cell phone… I guess that is why Bell and other Companies are selling the product.  I am sure the kids will just love it as well.  They will soon need a small nuclear reactor in their pockets to run the phones all day!

This morning Judy and I loaded our Hughes Net Satellite System into the Jeep and brought it up to the Office of Tech Mobile, up in Guelph.  We bought the system from this Company three years ago when we started full timing, and Armand our Sales Guy is still working.  He will try to sell the system for us on consignment.  When I took the system apart yesterday, I noticed a kink in the power cord, and after making the adjustment, the system fired right up of course!  Oh well, we were going to make the change anyway to the 4 G Network.

After we made the drop, we noticed that the Town had a nice river running through the downtown area, so decided to investigate.

This area is known as Gold Mill Park.


Below is the Gold Mill, built way back in 1847!  It was a flour mill back then, burned down, became a distillery for a while, and burned down again, and became…..


Eventually, the Town of Guelph bought the property and now made it into a Park. 


The walls on the old mill property are about 3 feet thick, and will be standing for quite a while yet!


We came across this 1892 car bridge… now closed, and only used for the trail system.


We enjoyed the walk, even if it was overcast, and cool… welcome to Ontario!


Warmed up a bit and took the Honda out for a short spin this afternoon, looking for new tires, but could not find any yet…

Till tomorrow…


  1. don't think I could watch TV on my phone or even my laptop for that matter...but some do..great pics..looks like you had a super day

  2. I can barely see my phone so watching TV on it wouldn't work for me. But the young'uns will probably love it. I love those old mills.

  3. Good luck with Armand selling your Hughes net system. We purchased an I-coach internet system from him about three years ago as well. So we have wifi in our coach and works pretty good for us in Canada and the U.S.