Friday, May 25, 2012

Wonder what July is going to be like???

We had to be at record setting temperatures here today… it was crazy hot!  It is only May 25!  What will July be like???

We were sitting out on the back deck this afternoon, trying to stay cool, and I looked over at the neighbours house, and they had a thermometer out on the side of the house… I took a zoomed in picture with the smart phone, and it turned out real lousy… but as you can see, it was nearing 100 deg. F.!!!


After our big deck project last weekend, it was time to take all the old deck material off to the dump… Jeep comes in handy for this kind of stuff…


This afternoon Judy and I took Gwenny out for a hike up the block to the park so she could swing for a while…


Woodstock is a neat little Town, and check out the street we got to walk up on the way to the park…


Other than that, it was off to the pool again!  Gwenny has been swimming 3 days in a row, and I think she is growing an extra fin on her back!

Till tomorrow…


  1. are in the hundreds and here in Eureka, CA, we barely hit 50! YIKES!

  2. Yes, it is a crazy mixed up world right now!

  3. What a lovely street to walk on. I bet that shade felt good. Must be fun to spend time with Gwenny.

  4. Woodstock is a very nice town. Glad we are at the farm a nice very cool breeze is keeping us comfortable here near New New Hamburg.

  5. That is hot! Good thing for the pool....!