Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stepping up in the World!

The work never stops!  Today, was new stair day on the kid’s deck.  The old stairs were a bit worn, and took up a lot of needless room on the lower of the two decks, so the kid’s wanted to make a change!  We picked the perfect day weather wise to do it!  Sunny and hot!

Of course we start off with the BEFORE picture… as you can see, these were a big set of stairs.


We had lots of help on the job today, with David and Diane, (Chris’ parents…) and Kevin and Ramona,(Chris’ Brother, and Wife).  We started on the destruction of the old stairs.


Of course Gwenny was here to help, although we did have her in jail for a while!


Diane was busy painting the upper deck of the house, off the master bedroom.


While the guys were destroying the old stairs, I was cutting up new stringers for the new stairs in the garage.


We extended the old deck a couple feet out, so Kristina could hang the clothes on on the clothes line a lot easier…


In the picture below, the whole deck was in danger of falling down at that particular moment, but I managed to hold it up!  Whew…


While there is still quite of bit of work left, we did accomplish building the new stairs today before we finished up!  They turned out nice and solid, thanks to a plan I found of the internet on the iPad!  Cali was all freaked out climbing up the new ones!


Too tired to blog anymore tonight, so will call it quits! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. The new steps look great. They do take up so little space. The old steps look dangerous to me!

  2. Nice job, John. Hope you guys remembered to let poor little Gwenny out of jail!

  3. Looking good. nice to have lots help for those kinda projects, much for fun.
    Perfect hot weather for the project too.

  4. Those look great, so much easier to use!

  5. You should have invited the HGTV (Home and Garden Television) along to feature this project on their 'Deck Wars' series.

    Nice job! You did well holding up the deck. Hey, someone has to do the heavy work! Why not you?