Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good times with good Friends!

No blog got put into cyber space last night from this computer, as the computer owner was far too busy!  Judy and I had received an invitation to attend a “Thank You” Party from our good Friends, Deb and Gerard, who live up in Waterloo!

I have blogged before about the personal challenges Gerard has recently been fighting with his health.  He has been fighting for the last 6 months, and at this point in time he is doing excellent!  Many Dr.’s and Hospital Staff Members have greatly enhanced his quality of life,  along with a lot of loving support from all his Family, and his Friends.  Gerard wanted to show his appreciation for all the care he received, so why not a “Thank You” Party!  This was a drop by, type of party, and many Family members and friends took the opportunity to  offer their support to Deb and Gerard!  It also turned out to be a beautiful afternoon in Waterloo, and this allowed all of us to enjoy the outdoors in the backyard. 

Gerard and Deb put together a full assortment of refreshments and food to keep everyone occupied and satisfied!  It was great! 


Everyone had and great time, and the best part of it all, was to see our Friend Gerard in good health!  That is Gerard standing on the top part of the deck, addressing the crowd, and giving his personal thanks to everyone for their support over the past 6 months!

Judy and I ended up staying overnight at their home… Gerard and I decided to relax after the party later in the evening, by jumping into their nice hot tub on the back deck and enjoying the “Super Moon”.  I must say, I cannot recall seeing the moon as bright as it was last night… incredible!  No, I did not take the picture below of the moon, but it did look something like that!


Judy and I headed home later this morning, and after lunch decided it was too nice a day to sit around, so loaded ourselves onto the motorcycles and took off!  


We took a nice tour around Oxford County, and came across this huge feed lot below… lots of cattle enjoying dinner inside the barns…


We stopped in the Town of Paris, Ontario,  and took a walk up the main street, and checked out the river… it was flowing big time!  Not much snow this year, but the river is really flowing!


The pic above is looking north, and below is looking south… great river for water sports!


Paris is a neat little Town, and I could not get over how many motorcycles toured through Town today… one after another all afternoon!


Found this picture below on Judy’s camera… the other night while babysitting Gwenny, she wanted to show me how good the remote worked on the  big screen TV, and she was all excited as there was cartoons on!  Hope her Mom does not see this picture… I might be accused of teaching bad habits…???…



Don’t be in a big panic if there is no blog tomorrow night as well, we are heading up to Orillia tomorrow for a visit with my Mom, and stopping by to see our Financial Planner in Barrie as well, so will be a late night.

Till tomorrow… (with a “maybe”)


  1. Nice to know that your friends is doing well.

    Gwenny on granddad with the remote seems quite appropriate, I dare say!

    Nice to see you back on your motorcycle and enjoying the sunny weather. I was out on mine today too....albeit for only a couple of hours.

  2. So glad to hear about Gerard. Praying that he continues to heal.

  3. I love to hear the good news stories like Gerard's. And Gwenny is getting sooo big. Such a doll.

  4. glad to hear that your friend is doing well!..looks like he had a whole lot of support!!

  5. Way to go Grandpa! What next, teaching Gwenny to text on your smartphone?

    Glad to hear your friend Gerard is dong well and nice of him to throw a party.

    The supermoon out here on the coast didn't look all that super for some reason. Maybe it was all the wine you imbibed in the hot tub?