Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Work clean up day…

This morning we woke up to pitter patter on the roof of a nice rain falling… I could hear all the local farmers cheering loudly!  They need it!  This whole area is agricultural based, and a lot of people rely on the rain to make a living here!

Judy was off to spend the day with Kristina and Gwenny, while I was left to some continuing jobs at the RV… namely cleaning and waxing… endless!  Got a bunch more done though today, before I ran out of gas.

Around 4:30, we were sitting taking life easy when the phone rang, and Kristina wanted to know if I was willing to come and give Chris a hand finishing up the back deck… she promised dinner, so we said “all right!” 

As our good friend from out west, Rick, would say, “measure twice, cut once”… that is what Chris is doing below…  we had to enclose the bottom of the upper deck, after we altered the stairs last week… we got it all finished up, along with a few other finishing jobs…


While we were working, Judy was feeding Gwenny dinner… don’t ask, I don’t know why she is wearing Gwenny’s hat!


Presto, the stair job is put to bed!  Good to have it all finished up!


Turned out to be a great evening, with the sun blazing and keeping us warm.  Tomorrow I am off for Sauble Beach and some cottage time with Gerard! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. nice job on the deck enclosure..measuring twice and cutting once is good in theory!!

  2. Nice to wrap up another great project. Have fun at Sauble Beach, love it there.

  3. Could you send us some of that rain, lawns are dying to see some.
    Enjoy Sauble Beach Maverick

  4. So, let me get this right. All a person has to do is phone, promise you dinner, and you'll come right over to work?

    Nice job on the deck. I like Judy's new hat and Gwenny seemed to be getting quite a kick out of it as well.

  5. Nice photo of Judy with Gwenny's hat. It's a keeper?

    Good work with the deck too.