Thursday, May 10, 2012

Would you give up your Smart Phone???

Watched a pretty interesting clip on the Toronto CTV New tonight, all abut Smart Phones…

Do you have one of these???


It seems Smart Phones are slowly taking us over, well, maybe not so slowly…  There are 18% more smart phones on the market this year over last, and 54% of phones plans in Canada are now Smart! 

Which ones are everyone using???  I will tell you!

Blackberry has 33% of the market, although they are currently losing market share if you can imagine that!

Next is the good old iPhone with 30% of the smart phone market.

Samsung has 13%, and they are growing market share.

My fancy little LG Smart Phone running on Windows 7 did not hit the list… Sad smile

How much do you figure they cost???  Well, the average regular cell phone bill right now is between $30 and $50 a month, while the average smart phone bill is $70.00 and overall customer satisfaction with a smart phone is off the chart!  People love them, and do not want to go back to a regular cell phone.  Here is some more useless info, in every 48 hours, the average smart phone user sends/receives 26 texts and 9 phone calls.  People also spend $3.20 a month on apps.

We have had one now for a year… what do I use it for???

Phone calls…

Text Messages…

Send/Receive many pictures…

Email – send/receive

GPS in a pinch… works great, shows all the roads and where you are.

Keep up with family and friends on Facebook

Use internet function while travelling around to find stores, restaurants, pizza joints, etc.

One of the main uses… camera, as it is always strapped to my side, and easy to use… you have to hold it still though!

Apps I use include:

Grocery list,

Bloomberg live for financial info,


Bell mobile TV


CBC Hockey Results

CNN Money, more financial info.

Google Maps

Stop Watch… keeps track of how long my plane is in the air!

So overall, I think I use the smart phone quite a bit… I am very happy with my LG Smart Phone, wishing only it had the capability of being a Wi-Fi hotspot.  This is not as important to me now that we have the iPad.  I use it a lot more than I used the regular cell phone, that is for sure!

Let me know what you use your smart phone for!

Nice day here, but it did stay a bit cool, and was windy.  I spent this morning servicing and changing oil on our Onan Diesel Generator. 


I believe we used this generator more this year, than any other year we have been away. 

Judy went into Woodstock and watched Gwenny get into her new bathing suit to go to swimming lessons in!  She has this thing now that she has to wave at everyone…


Below Gwenny was not too impressed that she had to start the lesson wearing a life jacket, that seemed to be bigger than her!


I cut the lawn in at the kids house, and spent some time playing with Gwenny this afternoon.


Till tomorrow…


  1. Paul and I both need new phones. We are going to have to do some real thorough research before we purchase the next one. I guess we won't be able to buy a new one without all the whistle and bells.

  2. I have an it possible to love an inanimate object cause if so I do!..use it for
    can't imagine my life without it!

  3. Geez, I feel like a geezer (well, I guess I am actually). I have a prepaid Trak Fone that makes phone calls, texts, and takes some really lousy pictures! Costs me about $10 or less a month. Are the smart phones really worth it? (That was a serious question BTW)

    Gwenny looks adorable in her little swimsuit.

  4. I've got an iPhone 4, John and would be kind of lost without it.

    To me it's a kind of mini-iPad as I use it for all kinds of web browsing and checking email no matter where I am. I'm always connected.

    Also, having the Personal Hotspot feature has sure come in handy in a few spots where we wanted to use our laptops but had no free wifi!

    Cute pics of Gwenny - don't blame her for being mad about that life jacket but it's a good idea.

  5. We just have two cheap dumb phones, all they do is make a receive phone calls. A PC and a Mac Laptop and wifi in our coach. No plans for a smart phone in the future.

  6. She is getting so big!
    We use Tracfones. My husband has one of their newer Smartphones and has already used it for a few apps but I have just a regular old cell phone and I prefer it that way! I used to have a Blackberry but I was so tired of that constant connection I traded it for a Tracfone and never looked back!

  7. I would feel lost without my iPhone.

    How good of you to mow the lawn for the kids. Great time saving benefit for them....and you get the exercise.

    I really like Gwenny's car. I think I will have to go look around for one.

  8. I have an iPhone 4S and had one of the original ones ages ago. Can't imagine not having an iPhone. I use it for email, facebook, Internet searches, reading blogs, reading books, GPS, Gas Buddy, looking up campgrounds, photos, games, and on and on. It's like a small iPad with a phone. My husband also has a smartphone, an Android.